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CBN's Annual LAUNCH Fair

CBN is known around world for their efforts in disaster relief and humanitarian aid. However, those efforts also include ways to serve in our own backyard. Join Caleb Kinchlow for an inside look at CBN’s annual LAUNCH community fair in Norfolk ... Read Transcript


CBN is known around the world for their efforts

in disaster relief and humanitarian aid.

Today those efforts take us just 11 miles

from studio headquarters for CBN's Annual LAUNCH Community

Fair in Norfolk, Virginia.

JOE MCDANIEL: The Christian Broadcasting Network

has partnered with the Park Place Community in so much

that they're looking for faith based organizations

to connect with, and so they reached out to us--

The Park Place Empowerment Center--

but more important than that, they've

reached out to this community.

We've been listening to the community here in Park Place,

and what we've been hearing is that they need more support.

And so, that's what this is all about.

LAUNCH-- Learning Access Unity Nutrition Career readiness

and Health.

We've tried to cover the gamut of all six of those areas

under one big tent.

The purpose of this is to use our resources

that we've developed over all these years

to help in the community.

TAYLOR MILLER: It's been incredible to have

CBN as kind of this spearheading effort for this event.

None of these organizations would've

been able to pull it off without all combining together.

So the collaboration has been phenomenal.

NARRATOR: From face painting to basketball tournaments,

LAUNCH provided something for the whole family.

Bringing together 60 exhibitors with information on everything

from after school care to on-site health screenings.

More than 5,000 people are here

enjoying great entertainment.


And some good food.

But they'll also receive resources to improve

their life and their health.

A lot of people need hope, and the whole reason

why we wanted to do this event was

to give them a platform to build their lives on that

would bring them hope.

We have some job training services.

We also have some employers here.

We're here to empower folks to be better than they

were than when they got here.

It's important when you're trying

to help people not just to give them a handout

but to give them a hand up.

We know that a lot of us are dying

from heart attacks, heart disease, stroke, and 80%

of that can be changed with diet and exercise.

So I wanted to share my story of prevention

and really hope that that inspires someone

to make little changes one day at a time.

MARY ALLSBROOK: CBN is really interested, specifically,

in nutrition, and we are starting a feeding program.

So we've been working in some of the schools here locally.

We're working through the church.

We're working with Mercy Chefs.

We take for granted that everybody understands what

a nutritious meal means, and they don't.

And so, through this kind of event

and through our community kitchen

we're going to be able to show them hands on, what does

a nutritious meal look like.

When you're feeding your kids, how much vegetables

should they have?

More importantly, how do you prepare the vegetables

so they're delicious?


Because that's a key to getting kids to eat healthy food.

NARRATOR: There were dancers, free food, ice cold snow cones,

and a chance for kids to meet a very special celebrity.

DEMARCUS HUGHES: My favorite part of this event today

is the bounce house, the food, Gizmo, and Super Books.

I like that it tells you about what God does

when you're in need of help.

CBN provided more than 14,000 diapers and baby supplies,

but this event is not just about gifts.

It's about building a relationship

by serving the community.

And I like the gathering of the community coming together

and becoming one.

We are family, and we could all do something

to help each other.

And this is a great community event.

MARY ALLSBROOK: The first thing that we want them to get

is Jesus loves them.

But then we also want them to know that the community cares.

In building those relationships, we're

able to spread further the mission

that we're trying to do.

NARRATOR: A mission inscribed on the walls of the CBN Studio

as a reminder of its purpose.


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