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What Are the Gifts of the Holy Spirit?

Father Bob Hogan explains the gifts of the Holy Spirit and how they can be used to impact others. Read Transcript

Well, there's a few places that have it.

The one that's most well known is First Corinthians.

Paul's first letter to the Corinthians, chapters 12,

and then also in 13 and 14 continues that.

It talks about--

St. Paul says, all followers of Jesus were the body of Christ

and everyone is given a gift for the building

up of the body of Christ.

And he said these spiritual gifts are not just

human talents, they're really the empowerment God-- sometimes

they work with a human talent.

Someone can have a human talent.

I'm trained as a teacher.

I took education courses and all those things.

But it doesn't necessarily mean you

have the charism, the spiritual gift of teaching,

where you surrender and you sense the Holy Spirit

speaking, leading you in what to say, and how to say it,

and to do those things.

So we see in First Corinthians, it

talks about gifts of teaching, gifts of healing,

praying for people for healing.

It talks about gifts of-- we'll call it

prophetic gifts, prophecy, word of knowledge.

Word of knowledge is more God gives

a sense of an understanding of something

that is more than just your human understanding.

And it's meant to be-- when I'm doing ministry, counseling,

pastoral ministry--

I try to be open to words of knowledge, and words of wisdom.

Sometimes, God gives me just a sense

of what area to raise with a certain person,

or the right story to tell, so that it opens them up

to what God wants to do.

And that's the word of knowledge, or word of wisdom.

What's the right way to do something?

I always say, every single parent,

you pray for words of wisdom.

How should I deal with my kid?

And how do I deal with my teenager?

When do I need to be kind of firm with them?

When do I need to be encouraging?

Well, you need to be open to words of wisdom.

God gives you the right sense of those things.

It also talks about the gift of praying in tongues.

God giving a language of prayer that you don't really

understand exactly what you're saying,

but it helps you enter into God's presence.

At times it's more of a prayer of praise,

you sense you're just honoring and blessing God.

Sometimes, it's a prayer of intercession.

When I'm praying with people and I'm not sure

exactly how to pray, I'll pray in tongues,

and ask the Lord to intercede in the way they need.

But it allows the Holy Spirit to pray in us

and makes us sensitive to the Holy Spirit.

And it also talks about the interpretation of tongues.

At sometimes in a gathering someone

will feel the Holy Spirit calling

to speak out in tongues.

And then they wait for that person or someone else

to receive an interpretation of what the message means

for the community.

You also, in Romans chapter 12, have a list

of gifts of the Holy Spirit.

It talks about gifts, also, in Ephesians, chapter 5.

And it talks about gifts of apostleship, prophets,

teachers, administrators.

So there's a variety of lists, and I

don't think even the scripture covers all of them.

Paul was saying these are examples

of the many ways that the Holy Spirit manifests His presence.

In fact, he describes spiritual gifts

as manifestations of the Holy Spirit.

So if someone's working with a gift of the Holy Spirit,

like I said, God manifests His presence.

They not only sense--

for example, when I'm teaching and preaching,

if people come up to me after and say,

oh, Father you were so good.

You were funny and engaging and you kept it lively.

I mean, that's OK.

But I said that could be said at a sporting event,

or at a concert, or whatever.

I'm happier when they come up to me and say, Lord.

You know, Father Bob while you were speaking,

I really sensed God was showing me this.

I really sensed God was leading me to this.

Well, then I feel better that I'm truly

manifesting the gift of teaching,

and preaching because the Holy Spirit is

speaking to them in the teaching and the preaching that I do.

So those are some examples of the many spiritual gifts

mentioned in the scriptures.



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