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Using Spiritual Gifts in the Secular World

Michelle Moran explains how to use gifts of the Holy Spirit, or Charisms, in the secular world. Read Transcript

In a non-believing world you're not going to touch

people purely by the rational.

You're not going to be able to--

if you ever could-- argue people into the Kingdom of God.

People want something they can see, something they can touch,

something they can embrace, something they can debate with.

And I think that when we move in the Charisms,

this is the church that we're meant to be.

It's the Church of Pentecost, it's the authentic church.

And I think these so-called signs and wonders

are vital for the unbelieving secular world.

Unfortunately, sometimes we wanted

to keep these things at the heart of our church meetings.

And then, I think, there's a danger

that these things become entertainment

for the home crowd.

Whereas, I think, now act two was the launching point,

the Pentecost event, was the launching point.

But we're living in act four.

When the early church prayed they were under persecution,

they were under threat, and they said, Lord, please

give us a spirit of boldness.

Give us a spirit of courage.

Visit us supernaturally with signs and wonders.

I believe that these things are so

important for the unbelieving world to see,

that there is a God who is at work.

And even if they can't believe it,

seeing is a step towards believing.



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