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News on The 700 Club: June 19, 2017

As seen on "The 700 Club," June 19: A made-up story? Jay Sekulow sets record straight on Trump investigation; Defeating ISIS with Christ's love in Greece, and more. Read Transcript

Welcome to the "700 Club."

We have a news flash for you.

President Trump is not under federal investigation.

And that report comes from a member

of his outside legal team, Jay Sekulow.

The news media has been working overtime

to cast a shadow over the Trump presidency,

and one of the president's recent tweets

seems to give them fresh ammunition.

Caitlin Burke has more.

CAITLIN BURKE: A simple tweet keeping the Russia

investigations in the headlines.

Last week, President Trump tweeted,

"I'm being investigated for firing the FBI

Director by the man who told me to fire the FBI Director!

Witch Hunt."

Trump's legal team says the tweet was simply about a report

that the president was under investigation for obstruction

of justice, not a confirmation.

The president has not been notified by anyone

that he's under investigation.

CAITLIN BURKE: Jay Sekulow also points to testimony

from former FBI Director James Comey,

who told the Senate Intelligence Committee investigating

Russian interference into the 2016 presidential elections

that he himself had told Trump he was not under investigation.

Other supporters of the president taking to the Sunday

shows to defend the intentions behind his tweet.

Trump has a compulsion to counterattack

and is very pugnacious.

I don't think it serves him well.

I don't think that tweet helped him.

CAITLIN BURKE: Meanwhile, despite growing concerns

that the president may fire Robert

Mueller, the special counsel running the Russia

investigation, Republican Senator Marco Rubio

says the best thing for everyone will be for the investigation

to run its course.

This is going to move forward.

We're going to get the full truth out there.

And I repeat, I believe that is the best thing that

can happen for the president and for this administration.

CAITLIN BURKE: As the investigation does move

forward, a tip from the deputy attorney general--

in a statement last week, he warned Americans

against believing stories attributed

to anonymous officials.

Caitlin Burke, "CBN News."

Well, joining us now is Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel

for the American Center for Law and Justice,

and also one of President Trump's attorneys.

Jay, congratulations, you seemed to own the news cycle


What's it like to be dominant in the headlines?

Well, it was a busy weekend.

And it was a busy weekend because the "Washington Post"

initiated a story that was just fabricated.

I mean, five unnamed sources from agencies

they don't disclose, saying that the president was

under investigation.

And we've had no indication whatsoever that the president

is under investigation.

So we responded to those aggressively over the weekend,

and we're going to continue to do that.

The leaking that's going on here-- by the way,

"ABC News" received a leak, saying

that, in fact, the president-- they

confirmed that the president also was not

under investigation, which is what I was alleging

because we've received no notification

of an investigation.

So I think that the response to this

was setup by a story in the "Washington Post"

that was not factually accurate-- by unnamed sources

from unnamed agencies.

And it's like-- it's like trying to swat at Jell-O. I mean,

the reality of what you have here is the media creates

these stories.

And the president responded to that story,

and then we responded to the situation.

And that's what we did this weekend.

Well, let's back it up and just look at it

from a legal standpoint.

Under the Constitution, can a sitting president

be indicted by the Justice Department, by the FBI?

Is it possible for a sitting president to be indicted?

Well, there's been Office of Legal Counsel opinions going

back almost 50 years that say, no.

And the reason is on an obstruction charge,

here's the problem--

the president, in this particular case,

receives a letter and a memorandum

from his attorney general and his deputy attorney general,


He gets a letter that lays out the reasons why James Comey

should be removed from office.

He'd already been contemplating what

he was going to do on the situation,

because there's a lot of turmoil that's been surrounding

the administration of James Comey's time at the FBI,

especially in the last few years.

He makes a determination to terminate the president.

So if the legal theory that they were applying was correct,

this is what it would be.

So the president of the United States

takes legal action based on a recommendation

from the Department of Justice to remove the FBI director.

He follows their recommendation, and now

the Department of Justice through the special counsel's

office is investigating him for doing exactly what they

told him to do.

That can't be constitutional.


There's no way

And it can't add up to an investigation.

Well, anyway, the deputy general, he recently

said that people shouldn't believe news stories

from anonymous sources.

Is this all part of the fake news from the media?

Well, even James Comey testified that the reports

in the media are usually wrong, and what was happening from

the deputy attorney general-- what he put forward in this

particular case.

And this is what we're having to deal with.

They put forward-- he put forward a statement saying,

we don't even know where these sources are coming

from-- which they need to find out if they're are internal,

by the way.

But also, they could be from other governments

or other foreign entities.

You know, here's what I know.

Right now, as it sits today, the president

has not been notified of any investigation

into his activity for the termination of James Comey--


Well, the "Washington Post" just went--

I mean, yesterday they doubled down on their story.

They stood behind it.

Any comment on that?

Yeah, well, "ABC News" said they got a report from their source

within the special counsel's office that "corroborate"--

well, the "DC Caller" said, Sekulow's analysis corroborated

"ABC News" reports that there's been no decision from

the special counsel to investigate--

engage in a full investigation of the president.

That decision had not been made.

So again, you had "Washington Post"

saying their sources said, the investigation has started.

And you've got "ABC News" sources saying,

there is no investigation of the president going on right now.

So there you have it.

I mean, look-- this is what you deal with in Washington.

This is what you deal with when you've

got these kind of issues.

But the stakes for the country are high,

because the president has to go about the business

of governing.

And these distractions-- and that's what they are--

it affects our standing.

The president is concerned about that,

and he wants to do the people's business.

Well, it already blew out the infrastructure a week.

It's already taken over the agenda

and it's causing concern is there

going to be any change in the health

care bill in time for the recess.

And so, yes, it is a distraction.

Do you have any prediction on when this special council will

wind up?

Is it even possible to have a time frame now?

Well, I don't know that because it's all the matters

related there, too.

So as it relates to what they're supposed to be investigating,

that should be wrapped up pretty quickly.

If there is an investigation of the Russian probe and collusion

as they're talking about, and I'm sure that's going on.

I don't know-- it's already been investigated for nine months

and 10 months by committees.

But you take it the next step, and the step further,

and I think you've got a situation where

you don't know where they're aiming at right now.

So it's a little hard to predict.

But I don't think as-- look, I mean, at the end of the day,

there's been no evidence of Russian collusion.

James Comey said that he was not under pressure

from the president to end the investigation

on Russian collusion.

And James Comey also said that he

was fully aware that he served at the pleasure

of the president.

So to me, this should be very quick.

It should be, but [CHUCKLES] as I under--

That's Washington.

It's Washington.

And so you know, Mr. Trump, welcome to Washington,

and welcome to public service.

He's definitely getting a baptism in fire--

his first 100 days have been far from a honeymoon.


All right.

Well, Jay, thank you and stay strong.


Appreciate it, Gordon.


Well, in other news, an attacker has driven a van--

and this looks like it's a revenge attack by a white

male-- elderly late middle-aged white male in London--

into a crowd of worshipers at a mosque.

And John Jessup has more on that story from our "CBN News"

bureau in Washington.


That's right, Gordon, London police

are investigating the motive behind the latest deadly attack

in Britain.

At the moment, the crash appears to have killed one person

and injured several others.

Eyewitness accounts say the driver turned down

a one-way street and accelerated into the crowd

as Muslims were leaving an evening Ramadan service.

Police arrested the driver.

The incident comes after a series

of Islamic terrorist attacks in the UK.

In one of the most recent cases, attackers

used a van to hit pedestrians on London Bridge,

before carrying out a knife attack in a nearby market.

They killed seven people and injured 48.

Tomorrow is International Refugee Day,

and Syrian refugees stuck in Greece

are in desperate need of water and other life sustaining aid.

Despite their own hardships, one church in northern Greece

has partnered with "CBN" to offer help and hope.

Gary Lane has the story from Greece.

GARY LANE: Three summers ago, after masses

of refugees and migrants flooded into Europe,

the walls finally went up to lessen the flow.

Thousands ended up here, stuck in Greece--

the first stop in the European Union.

Many of them like 20-year-old Syrian refugee Yasin Al-Sharif

are still awaiting approval to settle in Western Europe.

If I would stay in Syria, I will lose my future.

You know, I have future.

I want to be--

I want to be in my future something good.

GARY LANE: And where do you want to go?

To Belgium, but I think it's difficult.

I think I'm not to go to there.

They may think you're Daesh, you're a terrorist.

I hate Daesh.

I hate Daesh.

I don't like it.

GARY LANE: Yasin says he wants nothing

to do with Daesh, the Arab name for ISIS.

He says the group has brought only death and destruction

to his country.

He's now living in a small trailer in Alexandria Refugee

Camp, and he says he enjoys regular visits

and conversations with caring Christians.


85% of the members of Thessaloniki Apostolic Church

are unemployed.

While they've endured hardships of their own

because of the Greek economic crisis,

they're still reaching out to help refugees like Yasin.

PASTOR PAUL DIMITRIADIS: We saw that need coming to our door,

coming to our city, and we had to react.

So we thought that we have to serve the love of Jesus

and to try to do what's our best for them.

GARY LANE: "CBN" heard about the church's work with refugees,

and we asked how we could help.

The water pipes, it was very dirty, not drinking water.

"CBN," you came here and you said, how we can serve you,

what we can do?

And then we serve the need for the water.

GARY LANE: Enough water for each person at the Alexandria

Refugee Camp to receive two liters per day for one week.

When I hear of the people, someone

will give us water, I be very happy.

Because you know, thank you very much--

really, really, really, thank you.

Not only are "CBN" and its partners providing

much needed drinking water for the Syrian refugees here

in Greece, but also living water for the children.

"Superbook" in the Arabic language

was recently introduced to Syrian refugee children

in Thessaloniki.

It was presented at the care center

a day center for refugees supported

by the Thessaloniki Evangelical Alliance of churches.

MAGDA PETRO: "Superbook" will be a great tool

to be used for here at the care center in Thessaloniki,

and I'm sure everybody will enjoy it.

GARY LANE: Timely help for refugees in need in Greece--

fun, life-changing lessons for the kids,

and life-sustaining refreshment for their families.

PASTOR PAUL DIMITRIADIS: God sent the right people.

And when we met "CBN"-- and we find out

without to ask you anything, you gave to us your love.

And that was just a confirmation on how the hand of God

is taking care about the daily needs.

GARY LANE: Gary Lane, "CBN News," Alexandria, Greece.

The body of Christ at work.

Gordon, this reminds me of a verse

I read this morning in Psalms that said,

"even though the Lord sits high, he still sees the lowly."

We want to help those in need, and regardless

of their religion.

Whether they're Muslim, or Christian, or Jewish, or Hindu,

or Buddhist, or none of the above--

if they're in need, we want to reach out

with hands of love and compassion and help them.

And here are these refugees coming out

of a horrible situation in Syria.

And I wouldn't want to live in Syria today, I'd want to leave.

I'd want to get my family out of a war zone.

And then what do they do?

And where do they go?

And we're there for them.

We want to help them--

whether that's in Greece, whether that's

in Germany, whether that's in Jordan,

whether that's in Lebanon--

we want to help them.

And if you want to be a part of it all you have to do

is give to CBN Disaster Relief, CBN Center, Virginia Beach,

Virginia, 23463.

Or can you just call us right now--

1-800-700-7000-- and say, I want to give to the CBN Disaster

Relief Fund.

And when you give, know that in these refugee camps

we're playing "Superbook" in Arabic,

and it's having tremendous results.

We're looking at this as a wonderful opportunity

to tell people about a God who loves them.

And if you want to be a part of that,

call us right now 1-800-700-7000.


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