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News on The 700 Club: June 20, 2017

As seen on "The 700 Club," June 20: Ghost soldiers: How the Afghan military is defrauding American taxpayers; Dems not happy about GOP health bill, try to halt progress on Obamacare replacement, and more. Read Transcript

Well, welcome to "The 700 Club."

Are your tax dollars going to people who don't exist?

A new report says that's exactly what's

happening in Afghanistan.

The United States pays the salaries of tens of thousands

of soldiers and security forces who may not be real people.

As Erik Rosales reports, they're being called "ghost soldiers."

ERIK ROSALES (VOICEOVER): America's longest war

is now into its 16th year.


With no end in sight, President Trump

is considering sending more US troops to Afghanistan.

More feet on the ground, however,

may not be the answer, according to the man overseeing

Afghanistan's reconstruction.

Corruption is hampering the country's development.

Case in point, reports that the US government

is paying the salaries of tens of thousands

of Afghan soldiers, soldiers that don't even exist.

When we identified it and said this was a problem,

there was some pushback.

There was pushback from the Pentagon.

There was pushback from some members of the Hill.

There was pushback from some of the bureaucrats,

these nameless, faceless bureaucrats

that you see in the government, saying, oh, no, no, no, we're


ERIK ROSALES (VOICEOVER): Special Inspector General John

Sopko says he was first warned about ghost soldiers

from Ashraf Ghani before he was president of Afghanistan.

Sopko says ghost soldiers were uncovered

throughout the Afghan government.

We found it in the Ministry of Education,

the Ministry of Public Health, the Ministry of Public Works,

and in the military and the police,

that there are non-existent individuals getting salaries

paid for by you, the US taxpayer,

as well as our allies.

It's still happening now.

ERIK ROSALES (VOICEOVER): To date, more than $120 billion

American tax dollars have been spent in Afghanistan

and another $7.5 billion has been appropriated but not yet


All we're going to do is continue

to spend money we don't have.

ERIK ROSALES (VOICEOVER): North Carolina Congressman

Walter Jones wants to stop the waste by ending the war.

Jones and Congressman John Garamendi

introduced a bill which would stop all funding for the war

one year after it's signed.

This is definitely what war is all about.


began, a growing number of faces line his hallway,

pictures of those from his district killed in the war,

so far 560.

Jones says all he wants is a debate about funding

the war, something that hasn't happened since 2011.

Jones says House Speaker Paul Ryan will not make that happen.

It is time that the American people put pressure

on the Congress because of the cost,

both to life and to the taxpayer.


Speaker Ryan's office.

His staff said no comment and referred me

to the Foreign Affairs Committee, who is currently

looking over the bill.

As for the corruption, Sopko says a Justice Center operation

has indicted several Afghan soldiers, including

a general who took a $150,000 bribe

and got a 15-year sentence.

They're starting to do this, but they need help.

They need mentors.

And the other threat is two very brave

Afghan investigators were just gunned down on the street

by a hit team came.

So that means they're getting close to some big mafiosi.

Bottom line, Sopko says the United States

dumped too much money too fast into too small of an economy

with too little oversight.

Eric Rosales, CBN News, Washington.

Well, that's something we've suspected for a long time,

but here we have actual proof.

Where's the oversight?

Where's the oversight both in Iraq and Afghanistan?

The problem, though, is that if we pull out, what happens?

And I think you'd see yet another terror

group take control of Afghanistan

and start training terror teams.

The last time they did it, it wasn't very pretty for us.

And we shouldn't, once again, withdraw

because in that vacuum, what's going to take power?

And it's the ones who are already organized.

So the terrorists are already organized, and what can we do?

We seem to be stuck, and it goes back to Colin Powell,

if you break it, then you own it.

Well, the terror threat level remains

elevated in France after another attack.

John Jessup has more on that story from our CBN news

bureau in Washington.


Thanks, Gordon.

An Islamic terrorist set off a fiery blast in Paris

when he drove a car packed with explosives into police.

It happened on the famous Champs-Elysees Avenue,

a popular tourist destination.

No officers were hurt, but the armed driver was killed,

and four of his family members are now in custody.

Meanwhile, in Britain, a man who tried

to run over a group of Muslims at a mosque

has been charged with terrorism.

Police describe the attacker as a Brit

from Wales named Darren Osborne.

Witnesses say he claimed that he wanted to kill all Muslims.

Well, American college student Otto Warmbier

has died after suffering severe brain damage at the hands

of the North Korean regime.

What happened, and how should the US respond?

Dale Hurd has the story.


said Warmbier fell into a coma after contracting botulism

and taking a sleeping pill.

Doctors in Cincinnati said they found no sign of that,

nor any evidence of beatings.

But an MRI showed Warmbier was missing an extensive amount

of brain tissue.

Someone or something inflicted enough damage

to leave the 22-year-old University of Virginia

student in a vegetative state.

His neurological condition can be best described

as a state of unresponsive wakefulness.

Experts have been left guessing

how or why this happened.

North Korea had sentenced Warmbier

to 15 years of hard labor for allegedly trying

to steal a propaganda banner.

DALE HURD (VOICEOVER): After Warmbier's death,

President Trump issued a statement

blasting the brutality of the North Korean regime.

The question now is how the US should

respond to a rogue state that holds

three other Americans hostage and continues

to perfect both nuclear weapons and long-range missiles.

Warmbier's father, Fred, said his son was a thrill seeker,

who wanted to see North Korea.

With his death, the family said Otto

has completed his journey home.

Dale Hurd, CBN News.

Thanks, Dale.

Gordon, just days ago, his parents

were saying they were thrilled to have him back,

and now this tragic turn.

It is a tragedy, and the blame lies at the feet of the North


And this isn't some isolated thing.

There have been kidnapping Japanese citizens

for decades, a recent assassination

of a relative of the leader of North Korea in Malaysia.

They are a rogue state, and they sponsor terrorism.

The horror here is they're getting access

to ballistic missile technology.

And if they ever put a nuke on one of those,

they could hold the whole region hostage.

So it's time for the world community

to absolutely clamp down.

And it's time for China to step up and say that they're no

longer supporting that regime.


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