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Advertising Jesus in the London Streets

Howard Conder discusses how the “Quote Jesus” campaign is impacting the spiritual climate in London. Read Transcript

NARRATOR: Howard Conder is the founder

of Revelation TV, a Christian television network in the UK.

With political correctness silencing the church in Europe,

Howard came up with a plan to make God's voice heard

without making a sound.

The Lord spoke to me very clearly

about starting to put the words of Jesus

on the buses in London.

NARRATOR: Through the Quote Jesus campaign,

scripture can now be seen on buses all over the city.

Howard hopes the message spreads throughout London and all

over Europe.

Well, joining me now is the mastermind

behind all of this, Howard Conder,

and thanks for being with us.

It's great to have you here.

I have to correct you there.

You're not the mastermind.


God's the mastermind.


I was just the messenger and the one who just--

I'm glad I was obedient, Gordon, because I would have

missed a great opportunity.

GORDON ROBERTSON: Well, tell us how you got the idea.

While sitting there one day praying just before Christmas

and asking the Lord what He wanted me to do next year--

this year, this current year--

and it was as if He was sitting right

beside me, which is unusual.

I don't have that many spiritual experiences in my life

that are like this.

And He just spelt it out in three to four minutes

what He wanted me to do, which was to put

these amazing quotes of Jesus.

Start with the buses but also then

do other ways through the media, whether it's

commercial advertising that I buy, air time

on commercial channels, and put the words of Jesus out there.

But it was the Quote Jesus that was His idea.

And He even gave me that so I could get the domain

name in the same Quote Jesus.

So God knows about domain names.

He does.

And he also was very clever.

To a viewer that's wondering, OK, God speaking to you.

You had a sense that there was a presence that

sat down beside you.

What would you tell the skeptic to say you

can have this experience, too.

How did you arrive at that?

You know, I've been studying the Bible since I was 21.

That's 50 years ago.

And I can honestly say that maybe a handful of times

that God has supernaturally either spoken to me.

There has been appearances.

There's been angels with messages.

There's been prophetic words.

It's helped me tremendously to overcome my own skepticism

because I can tell you I'm a British-born person, you know.

I'm very skeptical, and you can't push me over.

But God literally one day, when I was on Mercy Ships,

actually filled me with His Spirit in such a powerful way.

It was like an electrical force that

just came out of the sea and the bowels of the ship.

It was-- and some people saw it actually

physically and explained it.

I was so skeptical, Gordon, I said to that person, I said,

can you write that down?

She said to me, why would I write this down?

I said, because if I ever doubt it,

I can read it in years to come that this actually happened.

Because what she described and saw was exactly what I felt,

this power come down through the middle of my back,

go through my body.

And it was as if my body was on fire,

and I ended up on the floor.

Because I'm not a pushover, I'm not one, you know,

where you lay the hands on them, in the name

of Jesus, you [INAUDIBLE].

This man never touched me.

And I thank God for that.

It was just the power of God.

And I couldn't-- it was thousands of volts,

and that experience set me up for the rest of my life.

That was--

How old were you then?

45, I'm now 71.

What was the set-up at age 45 for you to be on Mercy Ships?

And what was going on?

Was there a service?

Was it a--

It was a teaching.

What happened was I had an experience prior to that.

I was running a music studio in Tampa, Florida.

We'd been there nearly almost a decade.

And for me to get out of music would have been a miracle.

It had to be God because I loved music.

And I was in the music industry in the early days

at the time with the Beatles, Bee Gees, and many others.

And I worked with a lot of famous people.

And then for me, when God actually showed me

that He wanted me to do something else,

I had to give up the music.

And this is the second time I would've given up music

by this time.

And joining Mercy Ships, because they'd come to Tampa, Florida.

They'd come in as a ship, and I had heard about it

on Christian radio.

And I just bought myself a camera because I

felt the Lord saying, I want you to get yourself a video camera.

And when I told the wife, she was

shocked because the cost of that camera was not cheap.

It was a broadcast camera so it wasn't just

your ordinary video.

So I rang up, and I spoke to the ship's company.

And I said, look, amazing story, can I come and--

I've only just bought this video recorder.

I said, I haven't got a clue what

I'm doing but can I come and get an interview with you?

Because the stories that they were telling,

their ministry was so powerful.

And I went down to the ship that day, and they said,

you know what?

We're praying for a cameraman to come to Jamaica as a follow-up

from Hurricane Gilbert.

And they said, we think you're it.

And I said, yes.

I don't know why I said yes because for me to walk away

from the clients I had every day and that experience.

So I came back, and I said to the wife,

I said, you know, we're going to join the ship.


Really, she said, goodbye.

And I said, yes.

I said, I couldn't put my finger on it.

God was changing by the way in which I was to,

from that time on, to devote my whole life to Him

and not have anything to do with commercial work whatsoever.

Yeah, no business interests.

No business interests, and it went just like that, Gordon.

And when I was on the ship, we served there, well, it

was the DTS, Discipleship Training School.

So that, to answer your question that was a long time ago,

what was it, it was a teaching in the Discipleship School.

We were hearing the teachings.

And it was a man from Australia, down under,

you know, another sort of Brit, you know,

someone in that sense who is not going to be

pushed around or mollycoddled.

He told it straight, and He said,

if there's anybody wants the Holy Spirit to come forward.

And I'm saying, Lord, I've watched this stuff.

I'm not a pushover.

I don't want to be just pushed over

and fall over and feel like I have to.

And I said, I'll tell you what.

I will wrestle with You.

I don't know why I said this, Gordon.

I will wrestle with You like Jacob did if it is truly You.

And I walked forward, and the man of God

didn't touch me, which is great, because I

didn't want any of that.

And then he just prayed, and the power

that came out and into my body and set me up to go out

into the fields.

Literally when we went to Haiti on that particular trip

on the borders of Haiti and Dominican Republic, the poor

and the people there, I prayed with people.

And the power of God would come out of my arms.

And the people would go, what's that?

And I'd go, I don't know what it is.

And the things that I saw were just amazing in the sense

that I saw God.

According to the villagers of this young girl

raised from the dead.

I've never shared this before really,

but that's what happened.

And I thought, you know, I had to be

filled with the power of God in order to do His work.

I couldn't have done it on my own initiative or in any way.

And I haven't had that experience again,

but it was enough to bring that young girl back to life.

And for that family and that whole village,

they were so excited.

But anyway that's just something else.

Yeah, well, that's the power of God.

That's an incredible experience.

It's precious.

I don't share it very often.

I would encourage you to ask Him again.


Ask Him again.

There's Acts, chapter 2, the initial filling, and then

they ask for it again in Acts, chapter 4.


Two chapters later, they say, fill us with the Holy Spirit.

But it was enough to give me the confidence to enter

into full-time ministry.

I never looked back, never went back into business.

And then you started a Christian television network.

Yeah, like everybody does.

Everybody does that.

At the age of 57, yeah, just what you need.

Real easy things that God has had for you.


And now you're doing something absolutely wonderful.

I love this Quote Jesus campaign.

Yeah, it's very powerful.

Thank you, Gordon.

Well, if you want to learn more about the campaign,

you can go to

And there's also going to be an interview with Howard that's

on our Facebook page.

So just go to "The 700 Club" Facebook page,

and you can get it there.

Howard, thank you for your testimony.

Thanks for sharing that.

God bless you.

Thank you, Gordon.


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