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Living a Day in the Life of Those In Need

CBN's Dan Reany experiences life with one of the Guatemalan families CBN assists in international humanitarian efforts. Read Transcript


DAN RAINEY: I'm Dan Rainey.

And I travel the world, bringing back stories of the good CBN

does in people's lives.

I have a master's in anthropology,

and I love meeting new people and learning

about different cultures.

I've battled among the Maasai, seen earthquake aftermath

in Haiti, and walked the Shepherds' Fields of the Holy


Now, I want to spend at least 24 hours with some

of the families we help.

I want to work with them, eat with them,

and understand firsthand what they go through struggling

to survive one day at a time.


DAN RAINEY: In the village of El Rosario in rural Guatemala,

I trek past old corn fields and down the hill to Juan

and Myra's house.

Buenas dias.

Buenas dias.

DAN RAINEY: Immediately, they welcomed me into their family.

Buenas dias, Raul Buenas dias.


INTERPRETER: When I knew that Daniel

wanted to come and stay with us for a few nights,

I was so surprised.

DAN RAINEY: When they showed me around the small shack they

share with their two children, we

looked at all the holes in the walls

and talked about what's become their biggest concern.

Ratas todos las noches.


Todos la noches.

Man, rats every night.


DAN RAINEY: After a meager dinner, night fell.

And it was time to sleep.


I have no idea what time it is.

But Juan and Myra are awake again checking on the children

and making sure there aren't any rats around.

We saw rats earlier today.

But what's even worse than that is having all the lights out.

It's quiet.

I'm hearing rats crawling around close by and not

knowing where they are.

It's no way to live.

Nobody slept much.

But in the morning, it was time for a good day's work.

I walked a few miles with Juan to cut firewood.


DAN RAINEY: After a lot of chopping and splitting,

we bundled it up and made the long haul home.

Cutting and hauling one load of wood takes about three hours.

This is definitely backbreaking work.

For all this effort, Juan will earn about $2.50.


INTERPRETER: I always wanted to own a fruit business.

But I can afford the cart I need to get it started.

DAN RAINEY: While Juan and I worked in the woods,

Myra was busy taking care of the kids and making dinner.

We ate and slept again, with Juan and Myra checking

on the kids constantly.

The next morning, it was time for a different kind of work.

I had a chance to help CBN Guatemala start construction

on Juan and Myra's new rat-free house.


INTERPRETER: Every morning, I watched

how they built my house.

And I thought about God's grace.

I thank you so much, knowing that all my prayers were not

spoken in vain.

INTERPRETER: As I watched the house being built,

I was filled with joy, knowing my family would soon

move into a much better house.


DAN RAINEY: As work progressed over the next few days,

we gathered everything we needed to surprise Juan

with the business he'd been praying for.

Esta es un bicicleta nueva.

INTERPRETER: The business is going to give us

a better income and a new life.

It will help make my whole family happy.

DAN RAINEY: Soon, it was time to move into their new home.

Raul ran inside and checked out his new room.

A few months after I left, the CBN Guatemala team

went back to check on the family.

They were doing great.

No more sleepless nights looking for rats.

Everyone had a renewed sense of hope for a bright future.

INTERPRETER: Thank you so much for all the gifts

that you gave us.

INTERPRETER: I need to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Because of this house and the new business,

I am sharing a better life with my children and my husband.



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