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News on The 700 Club: June 21, 2017

As seen on "The 700 Club," June 21: GOP wins Georgia seat: More proof the anti-Trump message is losing; Gianforte joins House: Here's how Montanans feel a month after controversy, and more. Read Transcript

Welcome to the 700 Club.

Republicans have won the most expensive

congressional election in history.

Democrats from across the country

spent more than $30 million to take away a seat in Georgia,

but it still wasn't enough.

It's a victory for the White House

as well, as Democrats made the race a referendum on President


Caitlin Burke brings us the story.

CAITLIN BURKE: A boost for the Trump base

coming out of Georgia Tuesday night,

as Republican Karen Handel kept another house seat firmly

in the hands of the GOP.

Tonight's victory, it's for you,

and it's for every single citizen in the sixth district.

It's for every single person with a dream.

And a special thanks to the President of the United States

of America.

CAITLIN BURKE: The battle to win the seat left vacant

by Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price

smashed house race spending records.

Democrats, including many from outside Georgia,

along with Republicans, poured more than $50 million

into the campaign.

Attack ads flooded the airwaves of the Atlanta suburbs.

COMMERCIAL ANNOUNCER: Jon Ossoff and his liberal allies have--

CAITLIN BURKE: Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff

ran as a moderate, with some saying

he was trying to look like a Republican.

Democrats saw an opening for a win in the district

after Trump only won its support in the presidential election

by 1 and 1/2 percent.

So this is not the outcome any of us were hoping for.

But this is the beginning of something much bigger than us.


have been trying to win a special election

since their loss in the race for the White House,

hoping to show that the public is turning against the Trump


So far, they've failed in every attempt.

President Trump was quick to react to Handel's victory,

tweeting, "Things are looking great for Karen H!"

House Speaker Paul Ryan said in a statement, quote,

"Democrats from coast to coast threw

everything they had at this race,

and Karen would not be defeated."

Special elections aren't necessarily

good predictors of the following year's congressional elections.

But after yet another disappointment for Democrats,

it may be time for soul searching and finger pointing.

Heading into the 2018 midterm elections,

Democrats need to pick up 24 House seats

to take back the majority.

Caitlin Burke, CBN News.

Well it's now 4 and 0 for President Trump

in these special elections.

He keeps on winning.

And it looks like we're going to have

a lot of blockbuster elections coming up.

Seems like the cycle never ends.

But here we are, once again, in yet another election cycle.

Well in other news, the controversial winner

of a previous special congressional election

is being sworn into office today.

John Jessup has that story from our CBN News

bureau in Washington.


Thanks Gordon.

Montana's Greg Gianforte made national headlines

after a physical altercation with a reporter

at the end of his campaign, raising questions

about his suitability for office.

So our Abigail Robertson traveled to the big sky country

to find out what Montanans think of their new congressman.


the day before Montana voters went to the polls,

it looked like smooth sailing for Greg Gianforte

to win the state's sole congressional seat.

And then--


the election by 6%, with about 37% of eligible voters

casting their ballots before the incident occurred.

Prior to running for office, he was well

known around the state as a successful businessman,

generous philanthropists, and strong Christian,

which made his actions shocking to many who know him well.

We were shocked.

There are many political candidates in Montana

who, if you heard a story like that,

you wouldn't be surprised that it happened.

But with Greg, we were all surprised

because it's simply out of character for him.

Greg I've known for almost 20 years.

That's just not what I've ever seen of him.

When Pastor Hughes first heard about the incident,

he thought it was a hoax.

And then he saw an email from Gianforte,

saying an unfortunate event took place and he wanted to talk.

He called and he just--

I think one of his first comments

was, Bryan, as my pastor, I just want

you to know I did not glorify God in my actions,

but I sure hope to and long to glorify God

in my response going forward.

What do you think happened a couple of weeks ago?

I think what happened was after 22 months of campaigning

for governor and then for congressman,

I think the whole pressure, all of the feeling,

you know, man, I've been drug through the mud

and all of that, I think he just snapped.

And he obviously regrets it immensely.


says he's prayed with Gianforte a few times

about how to best handle the situation.

BRYAN HUGHES: I really was confident

that Greg would take responsibility, take ownership,

and do whatever he had to do to make things right and seek

to honor the Lord in it and moving forward.


believed supporters should acknowledge

what happened was unacceptable.

But he can still be forgiven.

Unfortunately there were some in the state,

on social media, who were almost excusing or justifying, saying,

well, you know, the press does this.

They got what they deserved.

And so our elders felt like, no, we don't want anyone to assume

that's our attitude toward it, nor is it Greg's.


were reports of some early voters trying

to change their vote, many still have confidence in Gianforte.

In downtown Bozeman, several people

were reluctant to speak on camera,

but say they still support him.

And others say they have just as many questions of the media

as they do of Gianforte.

I'm not sure how much of it was made up and how much of it


I feel like it was over exaggerated

by the press a tiny bit.

I think these politicians and political figures

get sort of harassed by the press sometimes.

So it's not entirely shocking, but still pretty--

I mean, a shameful thing.

There is a diminished effect of the media pursuing

public figures as much as they do.

Fewer and fewer people are going to get involved.


still out on whether he can move past this.

I don't think Montana's going to approve

of how he works in the House.

And I don't think Montana approved

of how he behaved the last week of his campaign.

Gianforte has about 16 months to prove himself

as a congressman and try to put this incident behind him before

he's up for re-election in 2018.

Reporting from Montana, Abigail Robertson, CBN News.

Thanks Abigail.

The prime minister of Belgium says a terrorist attack

his country thwarted could have led to serious injuries.

A soldier shot and killed a suspect after a small explosion

at a busy train station in Brussels.

It was the latest in a week of attacks in capitals

across Europe.

Authorities found a suitcase bomb filled

with gas bottles and nails.

One witness described the man as very agitated,

saying he was yelling about jihadists and shouted,

Allahu Akbar, which is Arabic for God is great.

Then he blew up something on a baggage trolley.

The 36-year-old suspect was a Moroccan citizen

who lived in Brussels.

Reuters reports he had not been suspected

of possible militant links.

Well President Trump's son-in-law,

White House senior adviser Jared Kushner,

arrives in Israel today.

He joins an official US negotiator

for meetings with Israeli prime minister Benjamin

Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud


As Chris Mitchell reports from Jerusalem,

the visit is the latest attempt to forge

a peace agreement between the Israelis and Palestinians.

CHRIS MITCHELL (VOICEOVER): Listening and learning

from Israelis and Palestinians, that's

what Israel's defense minister says the Trump

administration is doing.

They're proceeding cautiously, as should be,

listening to all parties in the region,

trying to find out what's realistic as opposed

to the top down tactics of the Obama administration

which sought to impose a preconceived notion on Israel

in particular and on the Palestinians as well.

CHRIS MITCHELL (VOICEOVER): Trump's recent Middle East

visit shows he wants to include Middle East Sunni nations

in a regional peace plan.

Yet it might have limitations.

Clearly the atmospherics in the region have improved.

And the Israelis and the Saudis in particular

have a common enemy in Iran.

Is that going to play into Palestinian-Israeli

negotiations in a way many people are hoping?

I'm not sure.


sees a big difference between the Trump and Obama


DAVID WEINBERG: The Obama administration

took to hectoring Israel all the time, berating Israel.

Trump has taken a different approach, worked with Israel,

see what's realistic, and time to give the Palestinians

a dose of reality as well.


reality included reports President Trump shouted

at Abbas in their recent meeting in Bethlehem.

The president reportedly accused the PA leader

of lying to him at the White House when

he said the Palestinians are raising their children to live

in peace with Israel while official Palestinian media

shows just the opposite.

A White House official cautioned that a historic peace agreement

would take time.

So expect more visits here to Israel

by Middle East negotiators Kushner and Greenblatt.

Chris Mitchell, CBN News, Jerusalem.

Thanks Chris.

Gordon, this has been an elusive deal for many.

Do you think President Trump will have a better shot at it?

Well the Bible says peace, peace, and there is no peace.

You look at it and say, I hope they can get something done.

You know, you go back to Khartoum

and that was the Arab conference right after the Six Day War.

And the Arab nations all came up with the famous three nos--

no negotiation with Israel, no peace with Israel.

And you just say, can it happen with the Palestinian Authority?

Here you have a culture that is bent on destroying Israel.

They're bent on a right of return.

And they're not just talking about the West Bank.

They're not talking about just East Jerusalem.

They're talking about Jaffa.

They're talking about Haifa.

They're talking about Tel Aviv.

So they want to wipe Israel off the map.

That's what they've been taught since they were young.

They have streets named after terrorists.

They have city squares named after terrorists.

They glorify them as martyrs for the faith.

How can you ever get to a peace agreement with them?

But many administrations have tried.

We'll see on this one.

I doubt they'll come to some very key terms.

What about the Temple Mount and what about the right of return?

Those two things will make any peace agreement elusive.

If you want to understand today's headlines,

you need to get the history.

And we've made it easy for you.

We have a documentary on the Six Day War called "In Our Hands--

The Battle for Jerusalem".

And it's the authentic history.

There's no made up dialogue here.

It's all based on the actual recollections

of the soldiers who participated in the battle, who

stood on the Temple Mount and said to the world,

the Temple Mount is in our hands.

When you understand what happened, particularly

from 1948 to 1967, you'll understand today's headlines.

Want you to have it.

It's yours for a gift of $15.

All you have to do is call us, 1-800-700-7000,

or you can go to


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