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Holding Onto Faith After Tragic News?

Barry's world changed with his son was diagnosed with global brain damage. But in the midst of his son's sufferings, he holds utmost faith in God and encourages others to do the same. Read Transcript

REPORTER: When you walk into Bryson Milazzo's room,

it's pretty clear he has a passion for sports.

At 30 years old, Bryson is physically

and mentally disabled.

His father, Barry, has been caring for him since his birth.

When he was eight months old, Bryson

suffered global brain damage caused by an allergic reaction

to vaccinations.

Doctors said his ability to walk or speak

would be severely impaired for the rest of his life.

BARRY MILAZZO: The reversal from being a healthy child

with all these aspirations and dreams that a father has

for a child to what became is still hard for me

to talk about 30 years later.

REPORTER: Bryson was the second of Barry

and his wife's three children.

Providing for them and Bryson's continual care

put a stress on their marriage.

When Bryson was 15, they divorced

and Barry was left to care for all three of them.

He says during this time, he had to deal

with his anger towards God.

BARRY MILAZZO: It's like, what do you do?

Do you turn to God, or do you turn away from Him in anger?

I've learned you can be honest with God.

You can bring your anger to Him.

You can bring your frustration to Him,

and He wants us to come to Him, to His throne of grace.

He gives us mercy and grace to help us in our time of need.

REPORTER: Barry says through constant prayer,

God gave him and Bryson the strength to persevere.

After working thousands of hours in therapy together,

Bryson spoke his first words when he was three years old.

When he was 10, he started walking on his own.

BARRY MILAZZO: It was one of the greatest moments.

We threw a party for him.

We called it a walking party, and so he had made it.

REPORTER: With so many emotional and physical ups and downs

over the years, even small accomplishments

are cause for celebration.

BARRY MILAZZO: We need to allow God

to define the terms of victory.

To this day, it's not perfect.

To me, though, to walk and to speak and to have a purpose

in this world-- as broken as he still is--

it's greater than winning the Super Bowl.

REPORTER: Although he has the mind of an adolescent,

Bryson knows enough that his life is different than others.

When he gets down, his dad reminds

him of God's love for him through stories he knows best.

BARRY MILAZZO: I said, you know, Tom Brady was behind.

He scored 31 straight points.

In the fourth quarter, he was behind by 19.

Taking victory out of the jaws of defeat,

that's being more than a conqueror.

And I told him, you have done things that have amazed people.

You are glorifying God with your life.

And I see him accepting the truth and relaxing into it

and being reminded that this is not hopeless.

I'm part of a heroic story.

REPORTER: Barry is proud of his son

and all he has achieved and lets him

know every day he's a champion.

BARRY MILAZZO: My kid's got what he

needs in terms of simple faith, but he still

needed the added information that he's

different, but no less valuable, that he's important to God

and that he's important to me.

REPORTER: Barry shares their story in his book,

"All the King's Horses."

He hopes it will help others with broken lives

experience God's faithfulness, healing, and love.

BARRY MILAZZO: I can look anyone in the eye

and say, I don't know what your problem is, but He knows,

and He loves you.

He has a plan, His purpose--

if you follow Him, and if you trust Him,

he will bring His victory, as He defines victory,

in and through your life.

Look to Jesus Christ.

He is the hope.

He is our hope, and He is a certain hope.


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