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Birthday Present Becomes a Gift that Keeps Giving

No matter how difficult things got for Kara and her three kids, she always tithed faithfully. She married, but her husband didn’t agree with tithing…until a unique opportunity presented itself. Read Transcript

NARRATOR: Kara Kramer was a single mother of there,

And No matter how difficult it was for her,

she made tithing her first priority.

I had read in Malachi 3:8, will a man rob God?

I was not going to be guilty of robbing God.

NARRATOR: Then Kara met Sam, and they married.

Sam believed in helping the less fortunate,

but he wasn't on board when Kara suggested

he start tithing, as well.

Do you realize how much money I would be giving?

I loved her answer.

She said, what do you think God would ask you to do?

NARRATOR: For two years, Kara continued

to tell Sam why he needed to tithe.

Then, in July of 2014, Sam asked Kara what

she wanted for her birthday.

She responded by telling him she wanted an unusual gift.

I want a well, and I want it to be for somebody

that really needs clean water.

NARRATOR: The very next day, the Cramers

received a letter asking for help drilling

a water well in Kenya.

The people in the village had been

praying for clean water for several years.

And I looked at my husband, and we both

started to cry because we said, this is our well.

NARRATOR: Kara had been a CBN partner,

and they were able to drill a well in that Kenyan village.

The greatest commandment is to love your God

with all your heart, soul, mind, and body.

But the second is like it.

Love your neighbor as yourself.

And that's what we were doing.

NARRATOR: During this time, the Cramers visited CBN.

There, Sam made the decision to start tithing.

And the more I was around the great Christian group

that they were, the more I prayed about it,

I realized that this was what God wanted us to be doing

and that I was remiss in not doing it.

NARRATOR: A few months later on Christmas day,

the well became operational.

Since then, the fresh water well has

helped eliminate typhoid and malaria

deaths in the Kenyan village.

It's very humbling to realize that suddenly, you

know, thousands of people that we'll never be

are benefiting every day of their lives

because of what we did.

NARRATOR: The Cramers are members of the Council of 100.

Together, they challenge others to be obedient, tithe, and give

gifts that help others.

I want to say to the people that

are afraid to give, God says try me and see if I won't open up

the windows of heaven and pour upon you a blessing that you

won't even be able to receive.

And I would challenge you is to just go ahead and try Him.

But I know that you won't be disappointed.

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