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News on The 700 Club: June 23, 2017

As seen on "The 700 Club," June 23: From public protests to internal opposition: Will GOP health bill survive?, NFL Hall of Famers flood to Israel as American football wins big in Jerusalem, and more. Read Transcript

Well, welcome to "The 700 Club."

The debate over repealing and replacing Obamacare

has started in the Senate.

Republicans have finally unveiled their own health care

plan, but they can't keep the troops in line.

Some GOP senators say they can't vote for it, at least not yet.

And others say the bill is only a starting point,

and they'll work to put together a plan that

can pass the Senate.

Abigail Robertson brings us the story from Capitol Hill.

ABIGAIL ROBERTSON: Protesters took action

the minute Senate GOP leadership released their version

of the Health Care bill.

CROWD: No cuts to Medicaid, save our liberty!

ABIGAIL ROBERTSON: Over 70 disabled people

blocked Mitch McConnell's office,

voicing strong opposition against Medicaid cuts

in the proposed bill.

Capitol Police first asked people

to stop demonstrating, then begin arresting and carrying

away those who refused.

Not many Republicans have strongly

supported the bill as it stands, but they say it's a start.

I'm really glad we have a bill now to look at.

Now the hard work starts, but it's a really good beginning

to that process.

And we need to move quickly, because the Obamacare

system is failing around us.

The pressure is on to get a Repeal and Replace bill passed,

as a growing number of insurance companies

announce plans to pull out of Obamacare exchanges.

ABIGAIL ROBERTSON: Right now, some counties in Missouri,

Ohio, Indiana, and Washington will have zero health care

options in the Obamacare markets next year.

Obamacare is a direct attack on the middle class,

and American families deserve better

than its failing status quo.

ABIGAIL ROBERTSON: In addition to Medicaid cuts,

the Bill's first draft includes ending Obamacare's penalties

for individuals who do not enroll in a health care plan

and defunding Planned Parenthood.

It differs with the House version

in a few places, such as providing income-based tax

credits, to give some financial support

to people with lower incomes.

The measure also does away with waivers

that would allow insurance companies to raise premiums

on people with preexisting conditions.

Democrats are strongly opposed to what Senator Mark

Warner says, shouldn't even be referred to as a healthcare


For a long time, you had one side just say repeal,

you had one side say don't change a word,

and now we've got this effort that seems to be geared,

it's more about, it appears, at least, it's

more about trying to say, they repealed Obamacare

than actually fix health care, and I

think that's disappointing.


he wants to see both parties come together

to fix health care.

I think a number of my Republican colleagues,

at least privately, agree.

I think they saw that when the Democrats tried

to write a big health care bill just with Democrats,

it didn't end up being a very good policy.

If they try to write it just with Republicans,

I think they're going to have, maybe a bad result.

ABIGAIL ROBERTSON: With no Democratic support,

Senate Republicans can only afford two votes against it,

and there are already more than that.

Senators Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, and Ron Johnson

released a statement, saying, they

are not ready to vote for the bill,

but are open to negotiation.

President Trump tweeted that he is

very supportive of the Senate Health care bill

and looks forward to making it really special.

We will hopefully get something done,

and it will be something with heart and very meaningful.

Senate GOP leaders hope to bring the measure

to the floor for a vote before the July 4th recess.

Reporting from Capitol Hill, Abigail Robertson, CBN News.

Well if it's a contest in pages,

remember Obamacare was over 2,000 pages,

and I've got a little prop here.

Here is all 142 pages of--


Well, I think it might put you to sleep.

Just the title, Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017.


Yeah, it's memorable.

So I don't know, maybe it's McConnell care.

We'll find out, and can Republicans

stay in line to pass it?

And the debate begins, and we'll see where this goes.

A lot of political futures are at stake.

In other news, North Korea is denying

that it tortured the young American student who

died this week, after being held in that country for more than a


John Jessup has that story from our CBN News

bureau in Washington.


Thanks, Gordon.

The North Korean regime insists it treated Otto Warmbier

according to international standards.

But Warmbier was returned to the United States in a coma

shortly before he died.

The 22-year-old University of Virginia

student was laid to rest Thursday.

National security correspondent Eric Rosales

reports on his funeral and the US government's attempt

to put more pressure on China to rein

in the North Korean dictator.

ERIK ROSALES: A community remembering one of their own,

an American college student kept in a North Korean prison for 17


The funeral service was held in Otto Warmbier's high school

in Ohio, where he served as salutatorian

of his 2013 graduating class.

Our storyline has included something incredible.

As a group, we're stronger than anything right.

ERIK ROSALES: The dreams of a young man,

destroyed by dubious charges from a ruthless regime.

Please save my life.

Please think of my family.

ERIK ROSALES: No media were allowed inside the Wyoming

high school gym, but Warmbier's parents released these photos.

Precious memories of their late son laid neatly on a table.

His phone, passport, notebook, even the blazer

he wore during his trip to North Korea.

President Trump did not attend the funeral,

but has blasted Warmbier's death as, quote, a total disgrace.

Meanwhile, the Trump administration

continues to work closely with Chinese officials in high level

meetings, to find solutions to the North Korea threat.

The most acute threat in the region today

is posed by the DPRK.

We both call for complete, verifiable, and irreversible

denuclearization of the Korean peninsula.

I would point out to you that China's end

state on the Korean peninsula, in terms of nuclear weapons,

is the same as ours, and we continue

to work towards that end state.

ERIK ROSALES: As the United States

urges China to exert great pressure on North Korea,

US spy satellites have detected new activity

around the regime's known nuclear test site,

leading to speculation Pyongyang may

be getting ready to conduct yet another round of missile tests.

Erik Rosales, CBN News, Washington.

Thanks, Erik.

Well American football is rising to a new level in Israel.

18 members of the Hall of Fame, the NFL Commissioner,

and the league's most successful owner

traveled to the Jewish state this week on a goodwill tour,

to commemorate a new sports complex opening in Jerusalem.

Chris Mitchell brings us that story.

CHRIS MITCHELL: On the outskirts of Jerusalem,

a new multi-sports complex is taking shape.

For centuries, pilgrims walked through this valley

on their pilgrimage to Jerusalem.

Now pilgrims of a different sort, sports fans and players,

will be making their way here, to the Kraft Family Sports

Campus, the first regulation-size football field,

in Jerusalem and the Middle East.

New England Patriots' owner, Robert Kraft,

partnered on the complex with the city of Jerusalem.

I'm trying to bring together two passions that I have,

the love of the state of Israel and love of football.

Bring it together and I hope it's

celebrated 15 years from now.

CHRIS MITCHELL: Kraft sees the center

as another part of Israel's restoration.

Well it's amazing to me, in my lifetime,

our people haven't been here for 2,000 years and in my lifetime,

the state was created.

And then with the reunification of Jerusalem 50 years ago,

I'm so honored.

It's a huge honor.

For hosting it, it's an honor to have the football field carry

the Kraft family name in it.

It's a classic win-win, for the benefit of Jerusalem,

the connection to football, and the Kraft family.

18 Hall of Famers joined Kraft, many visiting

for the first time.

The highlight is seeing everything that I've seen,

taking pictures of great images and things of that nature,

and knowing I'm in the city and the Holy Land

where our Lord and Savior walked.

Well it's been something I've wanted to do for a long time.

I grew up in the Catholic church and we practice our faith

through the Catholic church and so it's

a chance to be in Jerusalem and also in Bethlehem.

That history, and, you know, Jesus Christ.

Watching the boys, their first reaction

to going to some of the holiest places in the world.

We've been here once before, so trying

to let them experience it for the first time

and then watching their expressions

and watching their questions has been gratifying for us.

CHRIS MITCHELL: Despite a tense relationship

because of the Patriots Deflategate controversy,

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell joined Kraft for the ceremony.

Well this means a great deal for me for the Kraft family.

And what they're doing here and the importance of Israel

to the whole family.

And the fact that he's using the ambassadors of our great Hall

of Famers to promote the game of football

is a real important benefit.

CHRIS MITCHELL: Chris Mitchell, CBN News, Kraft Family Sports

Campus, Jerusalem.

Thanks, Chris.

Gordon, Israel and American football, who'd a thunk it?

It is an unlikely alliance, but just

listen to those football players as they talk

about visiting the Holy Land.

It's a trip that will change your life,

it will definitely encourage your faith

when you walk the streets where Jesus walked.


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