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Miraculously Freed from Inescapable Lethargy

Family members were the first to notice that Sheila wasn't herself. Medication didn't improve her condition, and soon she gave up hope. Read Transcript

NARRATOR: Sheila Grogan was a successful inner city art

teacher and devoted mother of five.

But in 2007, she and her loved ones

noticed she was not herself.

I was coming home and just crashing on the couch,

waking up the next morning doing the same thing.

I'm the one that gets the party started.

And so being out of commission, my family

was really worried about me.

NARRATOR: After several months, Sheila

finally gave in to family pressure to see a doctor.

She was diagnosed with hypothyroidism

and prescribed medication.

But it never seemed to do much good.

I would wake up every morning and say oh, what's the use?

I would have sweats and insomnia and heart palpitations.

And then other times I would be uncharacteristically sad,

and I would have no energy, and I

would be gaining weight just out of proportion

to what my diet was.

NARRATOR: What bothered her most of all

was not being able to be there for her family.

I was tired all the time.

They would individually call me up and say,

I'm so worried about you.

And there was a pall, it was a cloud over the family.

NARRATOR: Although Sheila and the family prayed for healing,

she had given up hope that she would ever get back to normal.

I don't know why, but I just thought

I was disqualified for that level of God

intervening in my circumstances.

NARRATOR: Then in April of 2016, she found out differently.

Like every morning, she turned on "The 700 Club."

Pat and Wendy began to pray.

Somebody with a thyroid condition,

God is healing you right now.

When Wendy said that, I was writing furiously,

making sure I had the date on my little Post-It note.

There's just something that just jumped off in my spirit.

And I had a level of hope that I hadn't had before.

You know the expression leap of faith?

I think I took a leap of faith.

NARRATOR: Slowly, Sheila weaned herself off medication.

I felt internally different right away.

But gradually, I felt like my old self was being restored.

I was very energetic.

I would just bounce out of bed in the morning.

I started getting interested in things again,

and I was reaching out to friends.

I just was smiling more.

I was just a nicer person, I was a happier person.

NARRATOR: A few months later at a follow-up visit

to the doctor, she learned that her thyroid levels were back

to normal.

The bloodwork results were a tremendous validation.

The doctor said, you know, you just really

don't need medication.

And I went out of that doctor's office in the parking lot,

I clicked my heels!

[LAUGHS] I was so happy.

NARRATOR: Sheila has been off medication ever since,

and is back to creating art and enjoying her family.

This experience has taught her an important lesson.

I really believe that God loves me.

I think of Him as Abba, Father.

This healing has taught me more who He is.

He really is a loving father.

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