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Turning Misery Into Ministry

Sophia's popularity as a minister is a far cry from her past of loneliness, abuse, homosexuality. See how she uses her story to lead others into healing and freedom. Read Transcript

Give me some love, let--

NARRATOR: Sophia Roughen hosts a daily live show on Facebook,

where thousands of viewers listen to her candidly share

her story of how she was delivered from homosexuality.

Many people say, once gay, always gay,

or they feel you can be delivered from everything

but homosexuality.

People can be free from homosexuality.

God is a deliverer.

NARRATOR: Sophia's popularity as a minister of the gospel

is a far cry from her lonely days growing up in Chicago.

Sophia's mom worked long hours, and her dad often wasn't home.

I was missing some of that affection, needing those hugs

and that embrace.

NARRATOR: In third grade, she developed a crush

on a female teacher who affirmed her and encouraged her.

She called me pretty.

"Come here, pretty girl."

She started doing my hair.

I would feel different.

I couldn't share with anybody because I

knew that it wasn't right.

I knew that girls are supposed to like boys.

NARRATOR: Sophia says early on, she

preferred hanging out with boys and playing basketball

with them.

She began to be bullied, and Sophia

resorted to the only thing she knew how to do, fight.

When people would say name, call me dyke, tomboy, or butch,

I would just outright fight them.

NARRATOR: Then, when Sophia was 10,

something happened that only added to her confusion.

She was molested, and the abuse lasted for four years.

She never told anyone about it.

And I just felt like, why me?

Then I really despised God, because not

only did I feel like I'm gay, I'm born gay,

now I'm molested and violated.

NARRATOR: By now, Sophia's basketball skills

were so advanced that when she went to high school,

she made the varsity girls basketball team.

And on the varsity team, we had

some young ladies that was openly

in the homosexual lifestyle.

And I felt like, wow, I've finally

found people that are like me, and they're OK with it.

NARRATOR: Sophia began wearing baggy clothes,

and eventually, threw away anything that connected her

to feminine identity.

I was ready to move into and be who I felt I was born to be,

and that was a man.

NARRATOR: In her junior year, Sophia

started having relationships with other girls.

She went to college on a basketball scholarship,

where she fully embraced lesbianism and her identity

as a man.

By this time, her mother, Doris, knew.

My heart was broken.

It was broken to pieces.

NARRATOR: Sophia lived as a lesbian for 10 years.

Her mom and many others prayed for her.

I would say, look, God, this is Your child.

You only loan her to me.

She belongs to You.

So You're going to have to do what needs to be done.

I didn't get to a low point where

I was going to give up on her.

NARRATOR: Sophia had a Christian friend

named Devon who was persistent in inviting her to church.

Finally, she accepted her invitation.

While there, something strange happened.

And I kept saying, I can't breathe.

I start hyperventilating.

And I was holding their hands.

It was just like, I can't breathe, help.

I was screaming for help.

And I remember her tapping her chest and saying, Devon,

I can't breathe.

And at that moment, I knew, God, You're

now taking her breath away, which

means, for me, that when God comes

and takes her breath away, that means

he's breathing in new life.

It was like God said, now I've got my daughter.

NARRATOR: Sophia says she heard God telling her to go

to the front of the church.

In the whole time, I'm talking back to Him.

I said, but please, because if you let me down,

and you don't protect me like You said You are, this is it.

I'll never do this again.

It won't be a second shot.

And God kept saying, trust Me with your life.

I've got you.

I wasn't just going to the altar to say the sinner's prayer.

I was going to give my whole life

to the God that apprehended me in her service

with a power that was greater than me.

NARRATOR: When Sophia reached the front, the pastor, Apostle

Tim Brinson, began to pray with her.

I saw a person that was asking,

Father God, I want to change, but will you help me?

Is this real?

And I cried out, and I lifted my hands,

and I said I was sorry.

And it was a genuine sorry.

I was sorry that I misunderstood who He was.

I was sorry that I had such an anger towards Him.

And I was really sorry for everything that I had done.

And when I accepted Christ as my personal Savior,

it wasn't me asking God to come into my life just as a cliche.

Me asking was Him to be Father, Lord, God of my life.

And I accepted Him for real.

NARRATOR: Sophia says, over the next four years,

God began a transformation in her heart and mind

to make her into the woman He created her to be.

On Mother's Day, Sophia surprised her mom

and came to church dressed like a lady.

And I looked, I said, oh, she is so beautiful.

And she opened her arms really wide.

And I got up, and I ran to my mom.

And the embrace, the embrace that she gave me,

I forgot about all the years that I didn't get it.

She held me, and she says, Sophia, my baby, you're back.

You look so pretty.

I love you.

I miss you.

My baby is back.

Thank God.

Thank You for allowing her to live to see that her prayers,

her love, her believing in me and trusting

in You was not in vain.

I got my identity back.

God supernaturally allowed me to see with eyes

of purity and holiness.

He delivered-- the whole be was delivered.


NARRATOR: As a minister and author of four books,

Sophia helps to lead others out of the homosexual lifestyle

and find healing and freedom in Jesus Christ.

To hold on to His word and just believe.

Even if you've got to limp to Him, limp your way,

crawl your way, get to Him.

He's the only one that can set you free.



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