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Clock Ticking Down on Health Care Overhaul: Can GOP Seal the Deal?

Clock Ticking Down on Health Care Overhaul: Can GOP Seal the Deal? Read Transcript

--700 Club.

Senate Republicans have an ambitious agenda.

They're hoping to pass their health care

plan before they go on recess next week for the 4th of July.

It's going to be a tough battle.

Not all of the Republicans are on board yet.

And Democrats are promising a fight.

CBN's Jenna Browder has the story from Washington.

JENNA BROWDER: The battle over health care

is down to the wire.

--because Obamacare is a direct attack on the middle


JENNA BROWDER: This week, the White House

is hoping to close a deal on the Senate's plan to repeal

and replace Obamacare.

I don't think they're that far off.

I don't think they're that far off.

You know, famous last words, right?

But I think we're going to get there.

Not a single Democrat supports the bill,

and not all Republicans are on board either.

Five have said they'll vote no, and five more

have expressed concerns.

Senator Rand Paul says the bill doesn't go far enough.

There's no way the Republican bill brings down premiums.

Look, I've been in medicine 20 years.

I'm 54 years old.

Premiums have never gone down.

They're not going to go down after the Republican bill.

JENNA BROWDER: Others like Senator Susan Collins

say they worry it would hurt people with chronic illnesses--

But I'm also very concerned about the Medicaid

cuts, what it means to our most vulnerable citizens.

JENNA BROWDER: --a concern the White House is trying to calm.

These are not cuts to Medicaid, George.

This slows the rate for the future,

and it allows governors more flexibility

with Medicaid dollars because they're

closest to the people in need.

JENNA BROWDER: Another concern for some of the holdouts

is rushing this bill through too quickly.

Many of them say they need more time to look it over.

And some say they'll support it if changes are made.

And while most of the focus is on Capitol Hill,

the Supreme Court also wraps up session this week.

The justices are expected to issue a decision

on whether to allow the Trump administration to enforce

a 90-day ban on visitors from six terror-prone countries

after lower courts shot down the ban earlier this year.

The Supreme Court could lift the lower court orders

and let the travel ban finally go into effect.

Or it could decide to leave the lower court orders in effect,

not take the case at all.

And that's essentially the death of the travel ban.

JENNA BROWDER: The court could also shelve a decision

until next term.

The other big high court news involves Justice Anthony


Speculation is swirling that he could announce his retirement.

Kennedy is the Court's swing vote.

And if he does retire, it would allow conservatives

to take firm control.

We'd love to have some Democrat support.

JENNA BROWDER: For now, though, the main goal

of the president and Senate Republicans

is passing a health care bill.

Health care is a very, very tough thing to get.

But I think we're going to get it.

We don't have too much of a choice

because the alternative is the dead carcass of Obamacare.

That's what it is.

JENNA BROWDER: A move which would clear the way

for cutting taxes as part of the GOP plan

to get the economy moving again.

In Washington, Jenna Browder, "CBN News."

Well, it's not news that Democrats and Republicans

are fighting.

I don't see that they're going to pass this this week

and get it through before the July 4 recess.

But at some point in time, a bill

will pass because it has to pass.

Obamacare is failing.

Insurance companies are pulling out of the exchanges.

And there needs to be a replacement.


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