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Praying For Your Needs: July 4, 2017

Terry prays for you and delivers words of knowledge through the power of the Holy Spirit for your healing. Read Transcript

Prayer does work.

You know, God's word encourages us

to pray without ceasing because prayer changes things.

I love what Paul's wife said, "I prayed to God

because I knew nothing was impossible to him."

There's a faith belief in that that's

what we all need to have as we come to a Father who

says come to me.

Give me your burdens.

Give me the things that are your cares.

Let me intervene.

And that's what we want to do with you

right now as we pray for your needs.

Let me encourage your faith further

by sharing this with you.

This is from Susan of Dellroy, Ohio.

For six months, she was living with chronic joint pain

in her back.

One day Susan was watching this program.

She heard Gordon say, "You have deteriorating

vertebrae in your spine.

You're in constant pain.

God's able to restore it."

She heard that word.

Susan lifted her arms in praise.

She claimed it for herself.

Afterwards, the pain was gone.

She felt no more pain in her back.

She's praising the Lord for the healing that she received.

We want to take some time to pray for you right now.

And to ask God to intervene in your circumstances,

to interrupt what's going on in your life,

the struggles that you're having,

whether it's in your relationships,

whether you're struggling with some kind of temptation

or addiction to something.

Maybe it's a financial scenario that you're in, physical

as it was for this family.

But let's pray together.

Where two or more are gathered, he is in the midst of them.

He's listening and he wants to respond.

So let's do what he asks us to do.

Let's pray together without ceasing for this moment.

Join me, will you?

Father, I never cease to marvel how you

hear the prayers of all of us.

How is it possible, God, with so many who are crying out

with so much need that you still hear every individual plea

and petition?

And so, Father, we come before your throne today in Jesus.

We ask you to move in power and in might

to heal today, God, to bring wholeness today.

You created perfection.

You created us without flaw, and today, Lord, we need you.

We need you.

Would you intervene in each person's life

as they're praying right now for whatever their need might be?

There's someone right now who's praying.

You've had a diagnosis about your vision.

It's a very scary diagnosis, and you're

so concerned about what the future might hold for you.

God is healing your vision issue.

It's going to be gone the next time you see your doctor.

Now just lift your hands up and praise Him and receive that.

Somebody else, you've had some surgery.

You've had a removal of some area.

It might have been your appendix.

I'm not sure, but you've had some infection set in.

God's healing that for you right now.

Just receive it.

Begin to praise him.

Father, I just want to, as we're all joining hearts and praying

together today, to pray for our nation

as we celebrate this birthday of America.

Father, I just want to say thank you.

America was a God idea founded on your principles, Lord.

Would you cause us today not just

to enjoy food, and family, and fireworks, and all the parts

that celebration holds on this day,

but would you cause us to remember,

to remember how you brought us to this place,

to remember the commitments that we made to you

as an early young nation?

God, to remember your faithfulness over the years,

and keeping us, and holding us.

God, I want to pray for our president

today, for the cabinet that he's chosen,

for all of the senators, and congressmen,

and in every aspect of government, every leader, God,

that is in this country.

For the Bible says that you set kings on their thrones

and you remove them.

And so, God, would you give wisdom

to those who are in power in our country today.

More than that, God, would you bring unity to us as a people.

This is a government established of the people, by the people,

and for the people.

And, God, the enemy would divide us.

But you say in your word that when the enemy comes in

like a flood, you'll raise up a standard against him.

Today we ask you, God, to raise up a standard.

Let it begin in our hearts.

Let us remember who you are, remember

who we are as your people, and stand for those things that

are character, and that are moral,

and that are good and righteous, and just, God,

all of the things that you've called us to.

Would you once again, allow us to be a city on a hill

and bless America today, Lord, not to give us

more of what we already have so much of, but so that we can be

a blessing to the nations of the earth,

and we pray this in the mighty name of Jesus Amen and Amen.


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