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News on The 700 Club: July 10, 2017

As seen on "The 700 Club," July 10: Trump Jr.'s Russia meeting revelations overshadow GOP health care agenda; 'There's nothing to lose': Charlie Gard's parents plead as US lawmakers prepare to act, and more. Read Transcript

Welcome to "The 700 Club," folks.

It's nice to be with you.

Wendy is here with me.

We've had a marvelous time.

She's been to Machu Picchu down in Peru.

And I've been up in the mountains of Virginia

while they were making my kitchen more

wheelchair-accessible for my dear wife.

We've both been to the mountaintop.

We've been to the mountain.

And we've come back down.

And tell me about Machu Picchu.

How was it?

Oh, the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu--

it sounds so romantic.

It was the perfect hike.

It was the perfect--

it wasn't easy.

But it was just gorgeous.

The mountains are incredible.

It was challenging.

It was very challenging.

We went up to 14,000 feet.

Well, most tourists, don't they helicopter them in

or do something?

They don't walk there, do they?

Well, you can actually bus ride up to Machu Picchu.

Oh, you can take a bus, OK.

Yeah, so there's a tourist area there.

But there are mountains right at Machu Picchu, Huayna Picchu,

which after three days of hiking the Inca Trail of the Machu

Picchu, then we climbed Huayna Picchu, which was just

an hour up and back, too.

But it was gorgeous.

It was gorgeous.

And you survived the whole thing.

Survived another mountain.

Well, I survived the mountains of Virginia.

I was 4,200 feet up, but (LAUGHING) that's the best I

could do.

Hey, it's pretty high for Virginia.

Well, Amen.

Well, folks, if you've been listening to the news--

I'm sure you have-- it's time to repeal and replace

Obamacare and cut taxes.

These are the top agenda for the president

and Republicans on Capitol Hill.

Can they get it done?

That's the question.

The White House is moving ahead with its program

as a new report has come out about officials from the Trump

campaign meeting with a Russian lawyer during the election.

Amber Strong brings us the story from Washington.

AMBER STRONG: Taking to Twitter, the president said,

"For years, even as a "civilian,"

I listened as Republicans pushed the Repeal and Replace

of ObamaCare.

Now they finally have their chance!"

With Congress back from that July recess,

some members of the GOP are hoping

to revise and adapt that original health care bill

and get enough votes to pass it through.

But others, like Senator Ted Cruz, have a different answer.

TED CRUZ: --is you, the consumer,

should be able to choose what health care you want to buy.

If you want to buy a plan with all the bells and whistles,

with all of the mandates under Title I, you can buy that plan.

AMBER STRONG: Cruz's Consumer Freedom Amendment

would allow insurers to offer lower-cost plans that

don't offer all the benefits required by Obamacare,

as long as they also offer plans that do.

However, if all else fails, he says,

repeal Obamacare now and come up with a plan to replace later.

But not all Republican senators are on board with that idea,


Meanwhile, the Trump White House says

it's still working on its other key agenda--

having some sort of tax reform pass by the end of the year.

The president's focus is a middle-income tax cut,

reforming the business tax system to make it competitive,

and creating a tax simplification that will grow

this economy.

AMBER STRONG: And while the president

may be focused on health care and tax reform, the lurking

topic of Russia was given new life

after Donald Trump, Jr., Confirmed a "New York Times"

report that he, Jared Kushner, and former campaign chairman

Paul Manafort met with a Russian lawyer

during the campaign season last year.

That lawyer claimed to have pertinent information

about Hillary Clinton's ties to Russia.

Trump, Jr., said in a statement, "No details

or supporting information was provided or even offered.

It quickly became clear that she had no meaningful information."

Trump, Jr., says he left after he realized that.

And a spokesperson says Donald Trump wasn't aware of it

and didn't attend the meeting.

President Trump has also taken some criticism for his meeting

with Vladimir Putin at the G20 Summit

after he asked Putin about Russian interference

in the US election.

Putin denied it.

But White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus

says Trump didn't believe him.

But even though Russia stories will likely

be around for months to come, the White House

remains focused on its priorities--

replacing the collapsing Obamacare system

and passing a tax plan to get the weak economy growing

at a much stronger pace.

Amber C Strong, CBN News, Washington.

Ladies and gentlemen, there's no question that this,

something called Fusion or whatever,

it was a made-up organization in favor of the Democrats,

or for the Democrats, to try to trick the Trump people.

The whole thing is nonsense.

And it's time to shut it down.

The president has got more important things

and the American people have got more important things

than these endless, endless debates.

And frankly, Kimberley Strassel had a peace in the "Wall Street

Journal" a couple of days ago that I think

is very significant--

that there were just innumerable leaks day after day after day

after day by high-place people somewhere in the government.

And if the FBI and the special prosecutor

wants to go somewhere, that's where they ought to go.

Because these are breaking the law.

And it also appears that James Comey may well

have broken the law because some of the things that he insisted

on getting out to "The New York Times"

contained classified information that he knew

should not have been released.

So let's get this thing together.

But the other thing the president has got to do

is, very quickly, it seems like to me, is to tell Congress,

you can't have all this recess.

You've got to get this work done.

We have to have this health care reform.

We have to have a tax cut.

We have to have a budget.

And we've got to get it all together,

and do it before the end of the fiscal year.

And that comes up very quickly.

So you can't take a month off at the beach

or whatever in the summer.

I know you'd like to do it, but you can't.

So it's time to go to work.

And we'll get you an extra air conditioner in case

it's too hot in your office.



[LAUGHING] So what if they get--

That's my concession [INAUDIBLE]..

What if they get two out of three?

Or do they need to get it all?

Two out If Well, if he gets two out of three,

it'll be magnificent.

But they've got to get a budget.

And the budget they've got to fight over

in this business about the debt ceiling.

And let's not close the government

and all that nonsense.

We can't go through that anymore.

It's got to be done.

And the Republicans have got to show the American people they

know how to govern.

So get with it, guys.

And everybody, get on board.

Perfection is not available to any of us.

So let's stop trying to get the perfect,

and let's get what we can get passed.

And then we can fix it.

There's a Secretary of HHS who can fix some of these laws

once they're put in place.

He has discretion to do certain things.

Set up a law.

Let's get it done.

You've promised the American people.

If they don't do it, guess what.

They are not going to be in control of Congress.

Now, maybe that's what some Republicans want.

But I don't think they really should do it that way.

Because there will be a lot of disappointed voters if they do.

Well, in other news, the parents of the 11-month British baby,

Charlie Gard, are taking their case back to court.

Amazing story.

John Jessup has it.

Thanks, Pat.

The parents appealed to Britain's high court

to present fresh medical evidence

that an experimental new treatment could

help prolong their son's life.

The case has become an international controversy

over the right to decide who makes

the decisions for a child's treatment,

the parents or the government.

Dale Hurd brings us the story from London.

DALE HURD: Charlie's parents say as long

as there is a chance of saving their son's life--

It's a chance worth taking.

We've been fighting for this medication since November.

We're now in July.

He's our son.

He's our flesh and blood.

We feel that it should be our right as parents to decide

to give him a chance at life.

DALE HURD: British and European courts

have backed up doctors who want to turn off Charlie's life

support, while his parents want to take him to America

for experimental treatment.

Charlie has a rare mitochondrial disease

that can cause brain damage and death.

But his parents say he does not have pain and suffering.

And he has not got catastrophic brain damage,

as, I'm sure, you've read.

There's no evidence of catastrophic brain damage.

His brain is affected.

But this medicine can get into the brain and help that.

Charlie's parents, Connie and Chris,

simply want their son to have another chance to live.

And they told CBN News they would be thrilled

if he could come to America.

That's amazing.

We love the support we've had, from all over the world.

But America has been amazing.

So yeah, I do have family in America.

But yeah, we're really, really grateful.

It's overwhelming.

DALE HURD: The parents also delivered a petition Sunday

with more than 350,000 signatures

urging London's Great Ormond Street

Hospital to allow Charlie to be taken to the United States.

Meanwhile, two US congressmen say

they'll offer legislation making Charlie

a permanent resident so he can come to America.

Dale Hurd, CBN News, London.

Thanks, Dale.

Pat, this is just an unbelievable story.

It's unbelievable.

But ladies and gentlemen, that's what

happens when the government takes over things.

They make decisions that are outrageous.

This is the spawn, if you will, of socialized medicine.

And they have socialized medicine.

And so the socialists will not allow the parents

of this little boy to take him to a place

where he can get some advanced treatment.

What's it to them?

Why not say, here is your passport,

we'll stamp it and give you a few pounds for your plane fee?

Go over there and get it done.

But no, no, they wanted him out of the hospital.

This is an outrage.

We're going to keep him there till he dies.

That's the message of socialized medicine.

That's why we've got to get rid of Obamacare.

Because they want it to go in that direction.

Here's John.

Pat, as you were saying earlier, more than half

of former FBI Director James Comey's personal memos

on his conversations with President Trump

contained classified information.

The Hill reports that's according

to interviews with officials familiar with the documents.

The paper says that revelation raises the possibility

that Comey broke his own agency rules

and that he ignored the same security measures he publicly

criticized Hillary Clinton for late in the election season

last year.

Comey testified in June that the information

in his personal memos was unclassified.

Congress may follow up to determine if Comey mishandled

any classified information.

Well, turning to health news, not getting enough sleep may

increase your risk for getting dementia or Alzheimer's.

A new study found adults in middle age who

didn't get enough good sleep had more bio signs of the build up

of the negative proteins that can lead to future brain


The results are published in a small study

in "Neurology Magazine."

One thing that sleep does is cleanse neurotoxins from

the brain, the type that can lead to dementia

or Alzheimer's.

And not getting enough sleep could limit that

from happening as much as it should.

But researchers caution there is no clear link between not

getting enough good sleep and dementia or Alzheimer's.

Still, a lack of sleep has been tied to other health problems.

So it's probably a good idea to get some shut-eye at night.

Pat, how much do you recommend?

Well, at least seven hours, if at all possible.

I don't know if we get that.

The trouble is everybody wants to watch late-night television.

So they're on till about 11 o'clock at night.

Then, by the time they get to bed, it's about 11:30.

And then they get up at 6:00.

So that's not seven hours.

But we need seven to eight hours if we can get it.

And I'm not sure I ever get it.

But I'll try.

And I'm sure Wendy does everything healthy.

On the weekends, maybe.

But I'm such a night owl.


I actually come alive around 10:00 PM.

And then I'm sort of wired till midnight.

Well, I'm better in the morning.



All right.


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