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Ruptured Aneurysm Leaves Pregnant Wife's Life on the Line

Nate assumed Anna's headache could be treated with a painkiller, but then they discovered how dire the situation really was. Read Transcript

I could see immediately that something wasn't right.

NARRATOR: Nate Weaver and his wife, Ana

were getting ready to go for a bike ride one

Saturday morning when she got what they

thought was another migraine.

NATE: She had had headaches quite a bit in the past,

and she had had migraines before when she was pregnant

with our 2 and 1/2 year old Declan.

So I got her some Tylenol, and just

thought we'd manage the headache.

NARRATOR: Ana started throwing up, and having stomach cramps.

Now, Nate felt a wave of panic.

Ana was 26 weeks pregnant.

Moments later, she collapsed.

NATE: I called 911 one right away,

explained what was going on, and they initially

had me ask her to lift both of her arms above her head.

And her right arm went right up, and her left arm

didn't move at all.

NARRATOR: Anna was rushed to the ER

where a CAT scan showed a ruptured brain aneurysm.

Nate could lose his wife and his baby.

NATE: I don't know if I was going to get my wife back

how she was before, or if she'd be

in a wheelchair for the rest of her life,

or if she'd pass away.

NARRATOR: Nate immediately sent out a call to prayer.

NATE: I wanted to get the word out there.

I knew it was serious, and that it was an aneurysm.

And I knew that the more prayer we had,

the more people we had interceding on our behalf,

the better the outcome would be.

NARRATOR: Neurosurgeon Dr. Justin Singer

said that to save both mother and baby,

Ana would need a dangerous surgery to clip the aneurysm.

Oftentimes, it is fatal early on when the aneurysm ruptures.

Of all people who survive and make it to the hospital,

and survive the entire episode, about 70% of them

have some sort of neurologic impairment following the brain


NARRATOR: The surgery was successful.

But a few days later, Ana developed a vasospasm,

a constricting of the blood vessels,

which reduced blood flow in her brain.

The pressure in her brain was rising.

Controlling her vasospasm when it was quite severe,

without causing undo risk to the baby,

was certainly a challenge.

She was also at risk of having strokes

from that vasospasm, which is really

one of the main things that causes

people to have permanent neurologic disability


NARRATOR: Doctors inserted a drain to relieve the pressure,

and treat the vasospasm.

Meanwhile, as family and friends continued to pray,

Nate says God gave him a sign of encouragement.

NATE: I'd come home.

We had a piece of mail.

There is a large hand on it, like a daddy's hand and then

a little baby's hand, just holding on.

Just a little child grasping at their--

at their daddy's hand, and that's

just-- that's exactly how I felt through

the entire-- the entire event.

There was a Bible verse on it about not fearing,

and you know, God's got you taken care of.

God just said, hey, I'm here with you.

NARRATOR: The vasospasm subsided after a week,

but Ana's brain pressure had become critical.

NATE: Normally, the pressure in our brain at any given time

is between a 10 and a 15, but they

said that number has been elevated between a 16

and a 20 or so, for a number of hours.

I spent some time in prayer, praying in the name of Jesus.

The name that's--

the name that's above

every other-- every other name out there, just praying that--

that God would heal my wife fully and completely.

And I said, if you're going to heal completely,

I want to see a number 12 on that screen.

NARRATOR: Seconds later,

NATE: It dropped down to a 12 long enough

for me to take a picture with my phone,

and then it went back up to between 16 and 18, and I--

I can't-- words can't describe you know,

the feeling that I had after that.

Just knowing that the creator of the universe

that literally holds the matter of the universe together,

this huge, powerful God was right there

in that room with me.

NARRATOR: Over the next few days,

Ana's brain pressure stabilized, and she

was released from the hospital within the week.

Then, on December 30th just 13 weeks later,

Ana delivered Hudson, a healthy baby boy.

He came out in December at 10 pounds, 2 ounces.

So he was just a big boy this whole time.

And even now, I think that's just God's way of saying,

like, I got this.

During the actual brain surgery, you know,

they were monitoring Hudson.

At one point, they thought they lost his heartbeat.

So they rushed an ultrasound machine,

and they found that the reason they couldn't

hear his heartbeat was because it was perfectly

in sync with mine.

And I just think that's so cool.

NARRATOR: Nate and Ana are grateful for the life

they have.

They know that God has been with them through the journey.

And that Ana's survival, and Hudson's, are a direct result

of the power of prayer.

For her and the baby to be--

appear as if nothing has happened at all

is pretty miraculous.

Prayer truly does work.

I don't doubt all that everyone's prayers had

a direct impact on how I turned out, and how completely healed

I am.

Just knowing that he hears, and he's listening,

and he's always--

he's always right by us is so comforting.

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