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War Room Actress Leans on Faith to Pursue Dreams

Young actress Alena Pitts will discuss her role in the hit movie War Room, and how her dream came true through faith. c Read Transcript

Alena Pitts was just 10 years old

when she landed the part of Danielle Jordan

in the hit movie "The War Room."

Three years later, art is imitating art,

as Alena has now authored a book about a young girl like herself

who lands a major role in a movie.

Take a look.

MAN: Alena Pitts had planned to be a lawyer when she grew up.

But in 2015, when her aunt Priscilla Shire

asked her to audition for the movie

"The War Room," Alena had no idea she would get the part.

Today, she's 13 and balancing life

as a student, model, and contributor to the magazine

"For Girls Like You."

Alena uses her life experiences to highlight

solid points and a fun story about faith, love, and family

in her book "Hello Stars."

And please welcome to the 700 Club actress and author Alena


Alena, it's great to meet you.

Thank you.

It's nice to meet you too.

I loved that movie so much.

Thank you.

I know you hear that all the time.

So you are now 13.


And you were selected for this role

of Danielle Jordan in "The War Room"

with no professional acting experience.

How did you pull that off?

So kind of just connections and just really a God thing.

Priscilla Shire is my aunt/cousin person.

It's really confusing.

But she's basically my cousin.

Close relative.

Yes, my family.

And she kind of just asked them, are you

looking for a little girl?

And they were like, yes, but we can't find any with the faith


And she said, I have a niece that would

love to audition, just for fun.

And I was like, sure, I'll do it.

I'm not gonna get the part because I've never

acted before.

And I ended up getting the part.

And it was just really kind of a God thing.

And so I really just enjoyed being in that movie.


Well, you were great in it.

Tell us, how hard is acting?

How hard was it to memorize your lines?

Or did it come easy to you?

It wasn't really hard to memorize your lines, mainly

because you only have, like, three lines to say a day.

And the lines are super short.

And they do it in different clips.

So if you need a line, you can just say, line,

and you'll just go again because you shoot over and over.

So eventually, you end up just memorizing it anyways.

So overall, what did you think about the process of acting?

Is this something that you could see

yourself doing in the future?

It was a lot of fun, and I definitely would do it again.

But it's not something that I would do for a living, I guess,

as I get older, try to act and things like that.

It kind of just came.

And so I accepted it and did it.

But I don't think I would end up doing it again or pursuing it.


Well, I read that you originally thought

you might want to be a lawyer.


Or a professional volleyball player.


So that's still on the table?

Yeah, I guess, but not really.

I kind of would do it for a little bit

because I don't like to do things for forever.

That's really boring.

So I like to be able to do things as time goes by.

So I would be, like, a professional volleyball player

in college, and then go to be a lawyer.

But that causes so much school, I

don't think I would end up doing it.

Well, the movie had a strong impact on your personal prayer


It had a strong impact on everybody

who watched its prayer life.

But I know I read that you sort of at one time

thought prayer was for older people.

How did this movie affect your personal prayer life?

I used to think prayer's only for older people

because they all have testimonies and things to talk

about because they've been through so much.

But then I realized God hears children, too.

He cares about us so much, and he wants to hear our prayers.

And just my wildest dreams and my wildest prayers

have come true.

So it just shows that God is there,

and he's listening no matter how old you are.

And I know that the Kendrick brothers--

I know them well--

were the ones that wrote and directed and produced

this movie.

And they're all about prayer, aren't they?


WENDY GRIFFITH: So what would happen on the set

when things weren't going extremely well that day?

What would happen?

We would just stop everything and pray.

One time, one of the cameraman's--

his grandpa had had a heart attack.

And he got a phone call in the middle of the scene.

And we all just stopped and just prayed for him.

And he ended up to be OK.

So that was probably the most powerful thing

that I was just like, wow.

They're for real about prayer.

Well, now along with your mom Wynter,

you have written a book called "Hello Stars."


It's about a young girl with no acting experience who

lands a role in a big movie.

It sounds a little bit familiar.

I'm thinking that "Hello Stars" might be about you.


It's kind of just a reflection, kind of, of my life,

and then a whole bunch of things that have happened in my life

that I added in there, and then just

some random fictionalized things.

WENDY GRIFFITH: And there's a cute little puppy in this book.

But this is the first, right?


This is going to be a series.


The second one comes out in September.

And then the next one comes out next January.


Alena, what's the message of "Hello Stars"?

I like to say, just let God take control.

Because Lena Daniels and me, we kind of just

had our whole life planned out, and we knew

exactly what we wanted to be.

And then God flipped our whole entire life upside-down

and gave us different opportunities and things

like that, which kind of just showed us

you can't be in control of your own life.

You have to let God do it.

So that's kind of the main message.


Well what do you like better-- acting or authoring?





All right.

So you caught the acting bug a little bit.

You're not sure that you're giving this up.


So if anybody's out there, is interested in having

you audition, you're still open, right?



All right.

Well, it's really--

I mean, I can't even imagine.

That movie impacted so many people's lives.

And for that to be your first movie, what was that like?

It was a lot of fun.

Definitely overwhelming, just because I've never

acted before.

So I had no idea what to expect.

And we got there, and it was totally different

than I thought, in a good way, though,

because it was just a lot better than what I thought

it was going to be like.

And so I was just really thankful

that I got the part and the opportunity to do it.

Well, 13 years old, already an author and an actress and just

getting started, maybe a professional volleyball player

on top of all that.

Alena Pitts.

The book is called "Hello Stars."

It's the first one out in an ongoing series

that's available wherever books are sold.

We also have a web exclusive interview with Alena

available on our Facebook page.

You want to check that out.

To watch it, just go to

She gets into a lot more details about what she's been up to.

Alena, it's a pleasure.

Thank you.

And I know we're going to be hearing a lot from you.

Thank you.

It was really nice meeting you.

WENDY GRIFFITH: God bless you.


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