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Bring It On-Line: - July 11, 2017



Welcome back to The 700 Club.

It's time to Bring It On with your email questions.

We're going to start with Darla.

She says, "In the Book of John, fifth chapter,

Jesus said, he only did what he saw his Father do.

Does it say in the Bible what our Father God ever did?

What did Jesus mean when he said that?"

PAT ROBERTSON: Well, Jesus, remember,

could look into heaven, and he observed the Father,

as the Father has never left me alone because I

do the things that please him.

So he saw the Father.

And what he would see was the Father raising a dead man,

he'd raise a dead man.

He'd see the Father feeding the multitude,

he'd feed the multitude.

That was the idea.

And when he went into the tomb of Lazarus,

he looked up to the Father and he says,

I know you can do this, but for those standing

here, I'm going to say these words.

And so he spoke to Lazarus and said come forth,

and the dead man come up.

But Jesus already saw the Father doing it.

That's why our eyes need to be on heaven.

And when we perceive that, then miracles take place one

after the other.


All right.

Good answer.

Ed writes in.

"The Bible says that he who wins souls for Jesus is wise.

I've been a 700 Club member for some years now,

I pay tithes at my church, and also

give offerings because it is an outreach church.

Each month we rent buses and go into areas

where people can't get out and bring them to church,

and have service and then feed them before taking them home.

If I give to support these activities,

am I considered a person who wins lives for Jesus,

even though I may not be doing all the work?

PAT ROBERTSON: Well, I think so.

All of us working together are winning souls,

and he that wins souls is wise.

I think it's nice to be personal evangelism.

I remember a guy named Bill Bright who

founded Campus Crusade.

He was a soul winner.

He didn't let a day go by that he didn't lead somebody

to the Lord personally.

But when you help ministries that are, indeed, winning

people to the Lord, then, indeed, you are, in a sense,

winning souls.

It was interesting because he talked about how

he's helping feed people.

And you know, you can't really minister to someone

who's starving, who's hungry.

PAT ROBERTSON: That's right.

So feeding is--

PAT ROBERTSON: And you call it pre-evangelism.


Yeah, absolutely.

Richard says "Why does it seem others are receiving Christ,

but no matter how much I pray or ask God into my life,

Satan tells me I'm his.

He says he is inside me and I will experience hell on earth.

He has my soul.

I can't break free.

He says nothing on this earth can help."

PAT ROBERTSON: Well, you're listening to the wrong source.

I recommend you get the Bible, and it

says if you do these things, then the Lord

will do these other things.

And he that hears my Word and believes

on him that sent me has everlasting life.

So you read the Word and you believe in God,

and then you begin to follow on what God says.

And then what you do with your mouth, you bind Satan.

I bind you, Satan, and the forces of evil.

I will not allow you to have dominion over me.

But obviously, you are submitting yourself

over and over again to this voice from Satan.

You don't have to do that.

But read the Bible.

Remember when Satan came to Jesus

that he said, now look, it's written here

and that if you jump off this building,

he'll give the angels charge over you.

But he misread the scripture because the scripture says

he'll keep you in all your way.

And your way does that include jumping off of buildings.

But the devil tried to use the Bible to deceive Jesus,

and what Jesus says is get me behind you, Satan.

Here's what the Bible says.

It is written, it is written, it is written.

And that was his victory.

That's what you see.

It is written, but get the Bible in your mind.

All right.

All right, Amen.

This viewer says, "I really enjoy watching The 700 Club!

Which is the best way to win souls?

I heard that the best way is to show the sinner the Ten

Commandments to show him that he has sinned and needs Jesus.

Do you have any tips on how to do this efficiently?"

PAT ROBERTSON: I don't think laying a board on his head

is the way to do it.

I think what you need to do--

you know, there has to be oil in a gear

to keep the gear from seizing up.

And before you begin to try to win somebody to the Lord,

there's got to be the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

So I think what you need to do is pray that God will give you

an anointing.

And then it isn't necessarily the Ten Commandments.

And somebody that might say, you know, I

am so sad because whatever.

And you say, well, let me comfort you, and let

me tell you what the Bible says that God will not leave you

or forsake you.

You're not laying the Ten Commandments to show him

he's a sinner.

He knows he's a sinner.

But what you need to do is the love of God.

The great preacher, you know, Jonathan Edwards, he

preached the sermon, "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God,"

people were trying to hold on to keep from falling into hell.

Or another, the greatest thing he had when

he preached on the love of God.

So it's the anointing of the spirit,

knowing the need of the person to whom you

are addressing your statements.

What do you have?

All right, this is from Ross.

He says, "A friend of mine says this about the King James

Version 1611, that it's the only real Bible.

If you listen to a preacher using any other Bible,

it's a sin.

Frankly, I don't know a lot about this topic.

If you would take a minute and explain to me

the difference between the King James and other translations."

PAT ROBERTSON: It just shows this preacher,

he has no training.

And I hate to say it, but he's making a statement

that's not based on logic.

What is done, we translate English from Greek, Hebrew,

and we have found better and better text.

Now, the King James was taken from the Textus Receptus, which

was assembled by a man named Erasmus,

and it was much later than the early documents.

And so as we've gone further and further back,

we have these codices and others that have better

Greek than the King James.

It's beautiful language.

It's beautiful English.

It is very easy to remember and to preach on.

But the Textus Receptus does have problems with it

because there are areas that Erasmus added stuff

that he shouldn't have.

So that's the Word, and the preacher

who tells you that you're going to hell because you

don't use the King James doesn't know what he's talking about.


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