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'In Retrospect...' Trump Jr.'s Russia Meeting Doesn't Look Good, but Was It Legal?

'In Retrospect...' Trump Jr.'s Russia Meeting Doesn't Look Good, but Was It Legal? Read Transcript

HEATHER SELLS: Donald Trump Junior

released his lengthy email chain that shows what happened.

Emails from publicist, Rob Goldstone,

last summer indicated that a Russian lawyer

had damaging information about Democratic presidential

candidate, Hillary Clinton.

Trump Junior said, "I love it," and agreed to the meeting.

Last night, on Sean Hannity's show,

he expressed regret and said that the meeting went nowhere.

DONALD TRUMP JUNIOR: In retrospect, I probably

would have done things a little differently.

HEATHER SELLS: The Russian lawyer told NBC News

that she had no connection to the Kremlin,

although Trump Junior was reportedly

told before the meeting that the Russian government had

information that could help his father.

The revelation about the meeting,

including Trump Junior, along with Trump's son-in-law,

Jared Kushner, and campaign official, Paul Manafort,

has caught Washington by surprise.

And now a race has begun to see who gets the first crack

at questioning him.

Three different congressional committees

are investigating Russia's interference

in last year's election.

And they each one to talk to Trump Junior, who says he's

willing to talk to Congress.

CNN reports special counsel, Robert Mueller's,

team will also examine the meeting and emails as part

of its Russia investigation.

Lawmakers were quick to respond to the story

with some Democrats taking a very hard line.

SENATOR TIM KAINE: This is moving

into a perjury, false statements, and even

a potential treason.

HEATHER SELLS: The White House called such language,


But a few Republicans openly criticized the president's son


SENATOR LINDSAY GRAHAM: His characterization

of the meeting has changed, which creates suspicion.

HEATHER SELLS: Other Republicans are defending Trump Junior

or keeping quiet.

President, on Tuesday, applauded his son's transparency

and called him, "a high quality person."

Heather Sells, CBN News.


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