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Louie Giglio Overcomes Life's Giants

Author Louie Giglio discusses how to overcome the threatening giants in life to pursue God with his new book, Goliath Must Fall. Read Transcript

Well it's one of the most famous stories in the Bible.

A mere boy steps into a battle and takes out

the mighty giant Goliath.

Thousands of years later people still

describe themselves as David's when facing a great challenge.

But as pastor Louie Giglio explains,

there's a twist to this classic story.


NARRATOR: Louie Giglio is the pastor of Passion City

Church in Atlanta, Georgia.

He's also the founder of Passion Conferences, where

college kids from around the world

meet for more than just music.

This year, 50,000 young people from 90 countries in all 50

states packed the Georgia Dome for Passion 2017

to pray for a spiritual awakening for this generation.

Louie uses his gift to connect people

with the message of the gospel.

In his book Goliath Must Fall, Louie

uncovers a new twist on the timeless story

of David and Goliath and reveals a plan

that will silence our personal giants once and for all.


Louie Giglio is here with us now.

And we welcome you back to The 700 Club.

So good to be back.

It's been awhile.

But it's my first time meeting you

so it feels like the first time.

All right.

Well, you stated-- let's talk about--

you say that we're not David in this story,

that this is the twist that you put on it.

Who are we if we're not David?

The interesting part of this story

is most of us who grew up in church--

I'm a church kid so vacation Bible club,

biker Bible club, summer camp, it

was always little shepherd boy takes down Goliath.

Then you can take down all the giants in your life.

And so the projection was I'm David.

Some of the camps would even go grab the five smooth stones.

We'd come back the next night at the service,

we'd consecrate them at the altar.

We'd be on fire.

I can take down all the giants in my life.

But the story of the gospel is that it's not us

but it's Christ in us.

That's where the power is.

And so in the story of David and Goliath

you have to ask, where is Jesus in this story,

where is salvation in this story?

And the salvation isn't, oh, if I just bulk up, Hulk up,

if I just armor up I can take down

all these giants in my life.


The hope of the gospel in the story of David and Goliath

is that Jesus is David in the story of David and Goliath.

Jesus is the giant slayer in our lives.

And he has taken down every giant

we're going to face at any point in our life.

I got to tell you, it really takes a lot of pressure

off when you read it like that, when you see it so differently.

There's a second twist about the giant.

What is that?

Well, the thing is that the giant's already dead.

Jesus has taken the sting of sin away.

And he's taken the power, the deceiving

power of the darkness, he's destroyed that, exposed it,

brought truth and victory to our lives.

So we talk about in this book that our giants are dead

but yet they're still deadly.

That sounds a little bit like an oxymoron of thought

but it's true.

The enemy has been defeated.

Jesus isn't going back to the cross, the empty grave.

The enemy has been defeated but yet

he's still prowling around like a lion

looking for people to devour.

So we've got to wake up to the reality

that he's already been defeated he's already dead in our lives

but he's still talking.

So if we listen to him and follow him

he still can bring damage to our lives.

And believe it or not, there's a third twist to your take.

The third twist to this story, which I think is amazing,

is that our freedom and God's glory

are woven together in our life story.

And we want to make everything about us.

I need to be free.

God, please help me, bless me, change me.

But it's God's glory that's at stake.

When that shepherd boy David stepped into that valley

to fight Goliath it wasn't because he was afraid

it was because that giant was defaming the name of the God

that he loved and worshiped.

And he said, you come at me with a javelin and a spear,

I'm coming at you in the name of the Lord of the armies

of Israel that you have defied.

And so we have to have both a desire

to be free and, that's what God wants for us,

but also a desire for God to get glory.

And when we get free God gets glory.

And that's the purpose of our life is to bring glory to God.

It wasn't a death wish, was it, when he went into battle.

He thought he was going to win.

It wasn't like he was on a suicide mission.


David, but he didn't care.

He was just like, God is with me and God is going to stop you.

And he was confident.

He said, this very day, God's going

to deliver you into my hands.

And the whole world-- this was the end of the story--

the whole world will know that there is a God in Israel.

So someone's battling addiction, rejection, anger,

fear, the giants we talk about in Goliath Must Fall,

the end of the story isn't, oh, he got free from addiction.

Oh, she got free from her bitterness.

Oh, she got free from anxiety.

The end of the story is everyone knows

there is a God who is alive and powerful to deliver us

from whatever we're facing in life.

That's good, to look at the end game.

Well let's talk about some of the addictions

that are a lot of us face, like you mentioned fear and anger.

Let's talk about addiction.

How do people overcome this huge giant?

Well I think at the root of addiction, and it takes--

there isn't a one size fits all.

In fact, this book isn't a Band-Aid

for people struggling with a little simple one size

fits all solution to the big problems we face.

Addiction is a mighty problem.

And it tears families apart every single day.

But at the root of addiction-- it's not the same

for everybody-- is a sense of vulnerability,

a sense of a place where I'm exposed in life

and I'm uncomfortable in that place.

And so I need something to mask the sense that I feel pain,

or I feel lost, or I feel something in my heart

that I want to try to protect.

And so in David's story, he went out to fight, remember,

and Saul said, you're too little,

you have to put my armor on.

And he tried to mask what looked like a vulnerability.

But God wanted to use the vulnerability

to show his power.

And so I think the first step in addiction

is admitting what it is that we feel, admitting what it

is that we're struggling with.

Saying it out loud, naming for what it is.

And it's usually not a person or a problem,

it's an inadequacy that I feel inside my own heart, a need

for approval in my own life.

Louie, at one point you had to conquer your own giant.

You had a breakdown.

What happened?


About 2008 I fell into a hole.

And I didn't know really where it

came from but for four months I was out of commission.

I didn't leave the house most days.


I had a nervous breakdown, I think,

is what they called it in the old days.

We don't use those terms anymore.

We say people had a panic attack or an anxiety disorder.

But I just had a breakdown.

I think my whole nervous system, from a lot of pressure

over time and years and a lot of events

that happened in that year, something just snapped.

And when it did it took a lot of--

And you were able to pinpoint the cause.

You said it--


Later I was able to discover that I think control

and the need for approval were two of the big factors

in that year.

We planted a church that year in 2008.

And I'm telling you, that's not an easy thing

to do on a lot of different levels.

But if you want to control the outcomes of every situation,

even in a good way, you're going to break at some point.

And if you want to be applauded for every decision

that you make you're going to break at some point.

Especially those of us who work on stage and in television

and at the pulpit.

We do, we try to control and make

everything we want perfection.

And it can kill you.

The people who have breaks like I did

are your A types, your perfectionist people

who want every outcome to be exactly precisely the way they

see it in their mind.

We are in control of very little on planet Earth.

I'm in control of my attitude today and that's about it.

And so we've got to relinquish control to God.

We've got to believe that simple saying, let go and let God.

Well Louie, how did you overcome

that season in your life?

Well it's a combination of things.

And it was help from doctors.

And I want to say that very strongly to people

because a lot of people in our Christian community

say you don't need doctors, you don't need that.

I'm telling you, if you get where I got

you need doctors to help you.

It was the help of doctors, it was amazing wife

who stayed beside me and didn't give up

when I was in despair for month after month after month.

And then there was a break point.

In the middle of the night, 2:00 AM, when God gave me

a little song in the night.

And that little song of worship, actually

at the lowest point in my life on Earth,

began to lead me out of the darkness

and back into the light again.

That's right.

In your book, right in the first couple of chapters,

you talk about the importance of worship

being that thing that can turn the tide.

Worship changes the narrative.

And we settle for a terrible narrative

so often in our lives.

We let the enemy play the background music in our lives

instead of changing the narrative by putting worship

in our mouths.

Worry and worship cannot be in our mouths at the same time.

So either worship is going to be in our mouth or worry is

going to be in our mouth.

We have the choice to change the narrative

by lifting a song of praise.

And I love that this is a command, Goliath must fall,

he is going to fall.

Well if you want to win the battle against your giants

you need to get Louie's book.

Again, it's called Goliath Must Fall.

It's available in stores nationwide.

Louie Giglio, thank you so.

Thank you so much for having me Wendy.

Great to meet you.


God bless you.


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