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Wray Confirmation Hearing: 'My Loyalty Is to the Constitution' Not Trump

Wray Confirmation Hearing: 'My Loyalty Is to the Constitution' Not Trump Read Transcript

President Donald Trump's pick to lead the FBI

testified before senators during his confirmation hearing


One thing Chris Wray reassured them?

He would be an independent government official

who has taken no loyalty oath to the president CBN's

national security correspondent Erik Rosales has more

now from Capitol Hill.

CHRISTOPHER WRAY: I do not consider Director Mueller

to be on a witch hunt.

ERIK ROSALES: That's President Trump's nominee

for FBI director, Chris Wray at his confirmation

hearing speaking about the special counsel investigating

the Trump campaign's possible collusion with Russia.

LINDSEY GRAHAM: If I got a call from somebody

saying the Russian government wants

to help Lindsay Graham get reelected.

They've got dirt on Lindsay Graham's opponent.

Should I take that meeting?


would think you'd want to consult

with some good legal advisers before you did that.

ERIK ROSALES: It was a highly anticipated hearing,

given that President Trump earlier this year fired

former FBI director James Comey.

Wray, a former assistant attorney general

for the criminal division under George W. Bush

assured senators he would not be pulling

any punches if he's confirmed as the new FBI director.

Wray faced sharp questions, including

those from Republicans on his decision-making process,

the independence of the FBI, and also the Russian meddling

in the US election.

He vowed to keep the FBI independent.

CHRISTOPHER WRAY: To the members of this committee,

any threat or effort to interfere with our elections

from any nation state or any non-state actor

is the kind of thing the FBI would want to know.

LINDSEY GRAHAM: Do you believe the Russians did it

when it came to the hacking into the DNC and Podesta's e-mails?

Do you believe the conclusions?

CHRISTOPHER WRAY: Well Senator, as I said to your colleague--

LINDSEY GRAHAM: Do you have any reason?

CHRISTOPHER WRAY: I have no reason

to doubt the conclusions of the intelligence.

ERIK ROSALES: His supporters refer to his temperament as one

of his biggest attributes, calling him razor sharp

but also a low-key manager who looks

to diffuse tense situations, not escalate them.

Wray needs to be confirmed by the Senate

in order to serve as FBI director.

Erik Rosales, CBN News, Washington.


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