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Can Trump, French President Move Past Differences to Combat Terrorism?

Can Trump, French President Move Past Differences to Combat Terrorism? Read Transcript

President Trump landed in Paris overnight.

It is the third time he's been in Europe since taking office.

The President and First Lady are spending two days

with French president Emmanuel Macron.

Mark Martin has the story.

MARK MARTIN: President Trump and French president Macron

will meet ahead of Bastille Day celebrations in Paris.

They'll look at possible solutions

to the Syrian crisis and overall counter-terrorism strategies.

The President is scheduled to hold a news conference

Wednesday afternoon.

He will likely field questions about Russia.

Donald Jr., the President's eldest son,

is under the microscope for a meeting

with a Russian lawyer, who has been called

a Russian government attorney.

The lawyer potentially had damaging information

about Hillary Clinton.

Trump defended his son in an interview with Reuters, saying,

I think many people would have held that meeting.

The President also addressed Russia in an interview

with CBN founder Pat Robertson.

Yeah, I think we got along very well.

And I think that's a good thing.

That's not a bad thing.

Yeah, of course not.

You know, people said, oh, they shouldn't get along.

Well, who were the people that are saying that?

MARK MARTIN: Back in Paris, Trump and Macron

have differing views on trade and climate change.

They hope to set those aside and find common ground.

The President is scheduled to attend Bastille Day festivities

on Friday before heading home to the United States.

Mark Martin, CBN News.


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