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Filling in for Scalise: Who is Rep. Patrick McHenry?

Filling in for Scalise: Who is Rep. Patrick McHenry? Read Transcript

JENNA BROWDER: At a time when Congress is so divided--


JENNA BROWDER: --there's one person

whose job is to build consensus among House Republicans.

That's Majority Whip Steve Scalise.


But with him still out following this shooting

at a congressional baseball practice,

his duties of keeping things smooth between leaders

and members fall to this man--

He's like a brother.

JENNA BROWDER: --Chief Deputy Whip,

Representative Patrick McHenry.

He's one of my closest friends here on the Hill.

We work closely every day we're in session.

Spend multiple hours a day together every day

we're in session.

So for him to be out is a real loss,

not just for our conference, not just for the Congress,

but for me personally as a friend.

JENNA BROWDER: McHenry, in his seventh term,

has a record of never voting for a tax increase.

He's also known for his passion to promote entrepreneurship,

something he developed as a kid watching his dad

run a small business in rural North Carolina.

The veterans are perhaps some of McHenry's biggest supporters

after he spoke out against the VA leadership

under the last administration.

Well, I always tease him.

He's about 5 foot 6", and I always

say he was supposed to have been a basketball star.

JENNA BROWDER: We spoke with representative Don Bacon

and other law makers at this blood drive McHenry organized

in honor of Scalise.

And while some of them may give him

a hard time for being short, Bacon says,

he knows McHenry will have no problem tackling

this tall order.

We're going to miss Steve Scalise,

but we got a good alternate filling in.

JENNA BROWDER: When he's not in Washington,

McHenry is back in North Carolina with his wife

and young daughter.

His Catholic faith is an important part

of his life, something he touched

on talking about Scalise.

He's tough.

He's got a wonderful spirit about him.

But it was really the power of prayers

and a great medical team that have taken him to this day.

But I confess, I think it's the prayers

have done him most good.

JENNA BROWDER: And he needs prayer

to as he takes on this new role.

When it comes to advice, McHenry says

Scalise had a few very practical words for him

from his hospital bed.

Get the job done.

JENNA BROWDER: And that is what he's determined to do.

In Washington, Jenna Browder, CBN News.


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