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Miracle Pregnancy after Two Miscarriages

Even after two miscarriages, Mike and Melissa believed God would give them a child. They made an appointment with a fertility doctor, but days before their appointment, they were given a message. Read Transcript

VOICEOVER: It had only been a month since the honeymoon

when Melissa and Mike Heimbach learned she was pregnant.

We had both always wanted big families.

We had just decided whenever we could,

we weren't going to wait.

And we were hoping to get pregnant right away.

We're just so excited.

VOICEOVER: But at seven weeks, Melissa

started bleeding heavily.

So I went to--

I went to the emergency room and they

confirmed that there wasn't any heartbeat.

Right away when a mother conceives,

you just get this attachment to that baby and that baby

is instantly yours.

VOICEOVER: They got pregnant a second time.

But a routine ultrasound at 14 weeks

showed she had miscarried again.

It was really tough.

The second one was especially hard because I had made so far

and I was showing.

And we were going to find out the gender

and I thought we were all in the clear.

We've learned a lot, grown a lot.

Especially all the stuff that soon in our marriage.

It brings you together.

VOICEOVER: Refusing to give up on their dream,

the couple kept trying to get pregnant but were unable to.

I guess that once you go through these things

you wonder if it is ever going to happen.

I would just ask Him why and just help me go through it.

But I still didn't doubt His plan for us.

VOICEOVER: Even after two more years,

they believed God would give them a child.

It just comes down to choosing to believe.

And I think just keeping perspective on that, you know,

that God's in control, I'm not in control.

I knew God was going to provide, either way

through adoption, we both had hearts for kids

if we were going to adopt or go through some kind

of medical intervention.

But yeah, we are both just open to whatever the Lord had to do.

It was hard.

VOICEOVER: After much prayer and consideration,

they decided to make an appointment with the fertility


We had just discussed leading up to that point

that we were both ready to do whatever

it took to have a baby.

VOICEOVER: To lift her spirits, Melissa watched "The 700 Club."

It was such an encouragement to me

to build me up to go and work and hear

these amazing Christian stories and these miracles

and words of knowledge that I had never heard of before.

VOICEOVER: Just days before her doctor's appointment Melissa

was watching this show when Gordon and Wendy started


There's couples and you've just been crying out for a baby

and you're having infertility problems.

Just put your hand right now, the ladies,

put your hand right now on your belly.

God is healing those issues right now in your uterus,

in Jesus' name.

But I think I was just kind of watching in disbelief,

like, oh my goodness, she's saying it.

She's saying my problem.

And so I just kind of like looked around,

even though I was by myself.

I think that's for me.

VOICEOVER: The next day, Melissa canceled her appointment.

She was pregnant within the month.

It was just incredible.

I mean, you just can't explain--

it's just so exciting to know that you're

going to have a baby.

VOICEOVER: On October 14, 2014, they welcome their son Gabriel

into their family.

So when he came out, he came out screaming.

That miracle baby came out with a fight

and he came out with God's fight.

And it was just so exciting because he

was all we had ever waited for.

And especially your first one, you just

have no idea that you can love a baby so much.

So we were just so excited and elated.

VOICEOVER: Today, Mike and Melissa

have two healthy boys and a daily reminder of a loving God.

I just see how much God loves me and God loves people

and how He heals and He hears us when we pray.

And I just look at those boys and I

think, man, God is beautiful.

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