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Senate Targets PA 'Pay to Slay': 'No One Should Reward Children for Being Terrorists'

Senate Targets PA 'Pay to Slay': 'No One Should Reward Children for Being Terrorists' Read Transcript

Well, when Palestinian terrorists attack or kill

Israelis, they and their families

can receive what are called Martyr Payments.

And this week, the Senate took one step closer

to passing legislation that defunds

the Palestinian government until those payments stop.

Abigail Robertson brings us that story.


for a parent to hear about the death of a child.

It's even worse to learn the person who

killed him was praised and rewarded

by a government largely funded by US taxpayer dollars.

That happened to the parents of American student, Taylor Force.

When a 21-year-old Palestinian man murdered Taylor while

he was visiting Israel.

No society should reward their children for being terrorists.


hopes to pressure the Palestinian Authority

to stop their Martyr Payment policy by proposing a bill that

would cut the almost $400 million in US funding

to the group.

We have a duty to defend our citizens

and not empower people who will kill them.

Graham thinks there is no hope for a two state

solution in the Middle East if the Palestinian Authority

continues to reward people for being terrorists.

According to "The Jerusalem Post"

the PA argues the bonuses only benefit legitimate combatants.

But the Israeli and US governments

say this is immoral.

Abbas said the following the pros

and the Palestinian Authority, I will leave office

before I stop martyr payments and before I

stop paying money to prisoners.

How do you do peace with a government who would actually

take money and pay their children to kill other people's



reviewing the bill mostly agree this needs to end but worry

about unintended consequences to Israel's security

if all funding is cut off.

Many want to see changes added to ensure humanitarian aid is

not affected.

And that this would not lead to the collapse of the PA.

We're going to keep that aid flowing

with one condition, the Secretary of State

has to certify that the Palestinian Government is

changing their behavior.

If he can't do that, we'll cut that money off.

Graham says he's confident that after revisions

are made to the bill, the Senate will

see a vote on it, this year, with overwhelming support.

Reporting from Capitol Hill, Abigail Robertson, CBN News.


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