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The American Boy Inspiring the Parents of Charlie Gard to Keep Up Their Fight

The American Boy Inspiring the Parents of Charlie Gard to Keep Up Their Fight Read Transcript


Like most kids his age, six-year-old Arturito


Loves to play with his toys and watch the tube,

simple activities doctors once thought he'd never enjoy.

What do we have here?

Arturito was born happy and healthy.

But shortly after his first birthday,

his parents noticed something was wrong.

We had no idea of the storm that was heading our way.

He started sweating a lot.

It took him longer to eat.

And he couldn't hold his head up straight.

After three months of sleepless nights,

they finally had an answer.

Arturito had a rare genetic disorder

called TK2 Mitochondrial DNA Depletion Syndrome, which

destroys the body's muscles and often leads

to respiratory failure.

Doctors told his parents there's no cure

and that he'd be dead within two months.

You know, Doctor, thank you, because if it wasn't for you,

we wouldn't know what was wrong with our son.

But I could guarantee you that we're not

taking our baby home to die.

Good to see you.

Are you the big star today?

Through experimental treatment,

Arturito has defied the odds.

He can't walk or talk and requires round-the-clock care.

Still, his parents believe the progress he's made

is worth every heartache they've endured.

None of that matters.

What matters is that our son is alive, he's happy,

and he's the joy of our lives.

While the Estopinans say their heart and joy is

right here in Baltimore with their little son Arturito,

their thoughts and prayers are more than 3,500 miles away

in London, England, where the life and fate of little Charlie

Gard is in question.

But let me tell you that if there

was a plan that my son can be saved and anyone,

I don't care if it was a judge, I

don't care if it was a doctor, I don't

care if it was an attorney, if they were blocking my child

from being saved, heaven and earth and everything in between

will be moved.

Art and his wife Olga have been reaching out

to Charlie's parents, offering prayers and advice.

They even put them in touch with Arturito's doctor,

who's now traveling to London to confer

with Charlie's medical team to discuss possible treatment.

Art is grateful for the support for Charlie's family

and especially credits the president for weighing in.

So he was supposed to be extubated on a Monday.

And President Trump tweeted on Sunday.

And then everything changed.

So President Trump saved Charlie Gard's life.

Art says with the continued treatment of experimental gene

therapy, he believes his son will eventually be cured

and wants the same opportunity for Charlie and his family.

My son is getting stronger.

He is a happy and determined little guy.

So that is amazing.

So many other babies around the world

that will be able to live because of this.

John Jessup, CBN News Baltimore.


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