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Small Town, Big Praise: Gospel Celebration Hits the Heart of Virginia

Small Town, Big Praise: Gospel Celebration Hits the Heart of Virginia Read Transcript

AMBER STRONG: In tiny Doswell, Virginia, population 1,800--


--a revolution came to town as the sounds of praise and gospel

filled the air for the 10th anniversary of JoyFest.

The Bible says that the joy of the Lord is our strength.

And I'm glad it's callled JoyFest.

What started as a small town gospel concert has transformed

to a full-on festival with more than 8,000 attendees every


Partnering with charitable organizations like Compassion

International, JoyFest brings household names

like Travis Greene, Kirk Franklin, and Tamela Mann

to the stage for a time of praise.

Despite their successes and scores of fans,

each artist we talked to pointed to God

for every achievement and purpose.

Like Travis Greene, who took home

seven stellar awards this year.

You know, it's special for people to recognize the work

that you put in.

And I never did it for that.

I just was trying to give the church some the same.

AMBER STRONG: Greene, who also performed

at the inauguration of President Trump,

said God saved him spiritually and physically time and again.

So he knows he's here for a reason.

For me, I fell four floors out of a window

and was pronounced dead while we were in Germany.

And maybe that's not what specific testimony,

but we all fell.

And if it wasn't for God catching us,

and it wasn't for His grace literally

giving us another chance, we would all be dead.

AMBER STRONG: Or David and Tamela Mann,

who have successfully navigated a career in film,

starring in numerous Tyler Perry productions,

television on their hit TV1 one show "The Manns,"

and of course, music.

The Manns say they still get butterflies

before taking the stage.

No, it's called scared before we go on.

But I never want to lose that, because I

want the Lord to know that I'm dependent on Him at all times,

that I'm going to trust in Him to go before me

and to touch the hearts of the people,

but just use me as a vessel.

AMBER STRONG: Or five-year-old gospel singer Caleb Serrano,

who wowed Steve Harvey on the hit NBC

show "Little Big Shots."

The event has something for everyone

and a message for believers young and old.

This limited time I have on Earth is being put to good use,

because my ministry is to reach other people that

are believers, obviously, and keep them pumped up

and allow them to see that our mission is

to go out in the world.

Our mission is to go out there in the world

and to bring people to Christ.

AMBER STRONG: Christian rapper D1, a former math teacher,

is out of the classroom but still delivering lessons.

With hits like "Sallie Mae Back" and "No Car

Note," he wants young people to be educated, both financially

and spiritually.

If you manage money properly, that money

is going to be used as a blessing to other people.

So my thing is, when we get a little bit of money,

how can we be smart with it so we don't just waste it

or we don't blow it on things that

aren't blessings to others?

AMBER STRONG: It was a day of education, celebration,

and praise.

But perhaps it was Serrano who summed up the event's purpose

perfectly when he said his inspiration comes

from one place.

God does it all.

AMBER STRONG: God does it all.

I love it.

Amber C. Strong, CBN News in Doswell, Virginia.

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