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Health Care Setback: Senate Vote Delayed After McCain's Surgery 

Health Care Setback: Senate Vote Delayed After McCain's Surgery  Read Transcript

You know, the Republicans just can't get their act together.

There was an editorial today that they're not team players.

I cannot believe it.

They've just got to get a vote on this Obamacare,

but they won't do it.

And the longer they wait, the people

say, oh, we hate this new Senate bill.

They don't know what's is in it.

Nobody knows what's in the other one.

You remember Nancy Pelosi saying we've

got to pass it so we can find out what's in the bill?

Well, there's some bad stuff in it--

in the old one.

But the Senate is not moving.

The House voted, and the Senate won't move.

No vote this week because a key vote--

they can't lose one or two votes.

Senator McCain had, it looks like some subdural hematoma

in his brain above his eye, and we don't know how serious.

It could be extremely serious, or not as serious.

But he's having surgery, and he obviously can't come vote

until he recovers from that.

So they're holding off on that vote

until he gets better because they need every single vote

to take this thing over the finish line.


Well, the plan that they're trying to pass

has been facing questions from some Republicans,

especially from many moderate senators.

Jenna Browder brings us the story from Washington.

JENNA BROWDER: It's a major setback for the Senate's health

care reform bill.

We'll continue working, so we can bring legislation

to the floor for debate and, ultimately, a vote.

JENNA BROWDER: The vote, scheduled

for this week, delayed because of a missing

key Republican senator.

Senator John McCain is recovering in Arizona

after surgery to remove a blood clot above his left eye.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell

announced over the weekend lawmakers

will put off consideration of the Republican plan, called

the Better Care Act.

McCain's absence comes as President Trump's

weekly address pledged progress.

We are very, very close to ending this health care


JENNA BROWDER: With two Republican senators opposed,

McConnell needs at least 50 yes votes to pass it.

Does Senate Majority Leader McConnell

have the votes to pass this revised bill?

You know, I don't think, right now, he does.

JENNA BROWDER: Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky

says the bill, which keeps taxes on investments

and other pieces of Obamacare, doesn't go far enough.

Moderate Senator Susan Collins of Maine

is also withholding her support because it

would slow the rate of growth in spending on Medicaid.

This bill would make sweeping and deep cuts

in the Medicaid program, which has

been a safety net program on the books for more than 50 years.

JENNA BROWDER: McCain and eight others

have expressed doubts about the bill, and, if they vote no,

it fails.

With the vote now tabled, there's

even more pressure on lawmakers to deliver

on something many of them have promised for years--

repealing and replacing Obamacare, which, they warn,

is collapsing.

And some say, if this bill doesn't

work they'll have to come up with a different plan.

Reporting in Washington, Jenna Browder, CBN News.

They say they got about $200 billion in a so-called slush

fund available before they exceed the caps on this

particular bill.

So they can pay off Lisa Murkowski from Alaska--

to give a nice slug of money to Alaskans, then

they are going to try to give some to a few other states

so that they can get some more people on board,

maybe there's something more for Nevada.

And that's the way the deals are done.

But he's got a little pot of money

that he can use to entice some of the senators to say yes.

But the truth is they've been saying, we hate this.

We hate this.

And Obamacare has been horrible.

The premiums are going up, and the deductibles are going up,

and the private insurance companies are opting out

of the exchanges.

It's an absolute disaster, and how the American people say,

well, we prefer Obamacare to this other,

they don't know what the other is.

And it's just not been sold properly.

Because that thing is just terrible.

It has to be replaced.

And the Republicans have got to come together.

If they don't pass this bill, and if they don't do tax cuts,

and if they don't do a budget, they're out.

They will no longer have control.

They've got control of the entire government.

They got the House.

They've got the Senate.

And they have the White House.

And if they can't get together and govern this country,

then the American people are going

to turn them out of office.

And that will be a sad day for our country.

But that's going to happen, unless those people get

together and get a vote.

And I'm sure they're paying off this one and saying,

well, your state needs a little bit of infrastructure,

we'll put a road through, or we'll

give you a bridge over here, or we'll make some more.

But when it's all said and done, folks,

all these people are talking about is borrowed money.

They're taking money away from your children

and your grandchildren, and they are spending it.

And they talk about, well, we've got

to look after these poor people, and these other people-- well,

somebody is going to pay the bill.

And who's going to pay the bill?

Well, the taxpayers and wage earners

are going to have to pay for those

that aren't earning money.

Medicaid is a freebie.

Medicare you have to pay for.

Medicare is free.

And to expand that-- and then they've

got another tax in that bill, a surtax that was put on.

They are going to leave in place.

But hey, they can fix it later on down the road.

But they've got to do something now.

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