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Recognizing God’s Signs and Wonders

SQuire Rushnell and Louise Duart share the secrets to recognizing the miraculous works of God. Read Transcript

A man takes a long road trip with his family

and stops at a random gas station.

As he walks past the pay phone, it rings.

He answers.

It's for him.

An airman becomes a prisoner of war in Vietnam.

While he endures six years of harsh captivity,

a 16-year-old cheerleader prays for him every night.

40 years later, their paths cross in a 55,000-seat baseball


According to bestselling authors Squire Rushnell

and his wife Louise DuArt, these aren't mere coincidences

but divine appointments.

They call them God Winks.

In their new book, The God Wink Effect,

they share secrets to seeing God's signs,

wonders, and answered prayers.

Well, joining me now are dear friends,

authors Squire Rushnell and Louise DuArt.

We are so excited to have you here.

Oh, thank you.

And excited about your newest project, The God Wink Effect,

because we've been talking about God

winks over the last few years.

You started writing, what, 15 years ago?

That's right.

About this.

But for people--

Many of it written while we were here and you guys

were doing your show.


I was writing books.

I remember that, hearing the rat a tat tat.

And the gnashing of teeth.


Talk about the God wink effect.

What do you mean when you say that?

Well, the God wink effect is almost the accumulation

of what we have learned about God winks.

15 years ago, I had no idea what a God wink was.

I was just starting to be fascinated with coincidences.

And this little word God wink came into my mind,

and I thought, wow, what a nice little word that is.

It's like God speed, God send, God wink.

And I realized that if there was no coincidence to coincidence,

we needed something to call it if it

came from a divine source.

So this little word God wink I put into my manuscript.

And it fit.

And then when I started talking to people about God winks,

they got it immediately, and it started

going into the language, started going into dictionaries.

And so now here we are.

It's a word.

It reminds me of one of the Jewish names for God,

which is Jehovah Roi.

I'm the God who sees you.

That's right.

The Hebrew language also has been beshert,

which is that there are no coincidences,

like your perfect love has already been chosen

while you're in the womb.

And there's no word coincidence in the Hebrew language

because they believe everything comes from God.

There is no coincidence.

Your subtitle is "Seven Secrets

to God's Signs, Wonders, and Answered Prayer."

What do you mean by that?

What's the first one?

Well, the first secret is P-R-A-Y, pray.

The more you pray, the more God winks

you will have because God wants to talk to you,

and he wants you to talk to him, and he

wants to talk back to you.

And the little God winks are his way

of nonverbally communicating with you.

So the more you pray, the more God wakes you're going to have.

And Louise, one of the things you all write about in the book

is that it's important to ask.

You would think that we would know that.

But sometimes we think of God as being kind of up there

and busy and far away.

He wants us to ask,

That's right.

And a lot of people think, oh, I can't ask him for that,

you know, because it's just some little thing.

And I won't ask for myself.

But that's not what God says.

He wants us to ask and come before him humbly.

The thing that I find with God winks

is that people look at them as handrails.

You know, they start seeing their life as a plan

and purpose, that we are not a twig going down

a stream destinations unknown.

God has-- and Jeremiah tells us he

has a plan and a purpose for our life.

Well, how do we tap into that?

We have to open up not just our human eyes,

but our spiritual eyes have to connect--

we have to have the mind of Christ and the eyes of Christ.

And you talk about trusting that in the book, walking

with expectancy, in a sense.

I want you to tell me Kate's story.

I loved that story in the book, because it's

one of those God winks that's astonishing, really.

Well, Kate was a delightful person who had the goal--

and she still does--

of making one person uplifted every single day by something

that she would do.

And so she got the perfect job.

After she had a series of terrible health

issues and financial issues, she got a part time job

at Cracker Barrel.

And they put her at the cash register,

which was perfect for her because she could say hello

to people and say come back again, and have

a wonderful time.

She was really wrestling, though,

with a very serious problem.

Her son was getting married in Arizona.

She was living in Florida.

And she couldn't afford to go, and he couldn't

afford to buy her a ticket.

So every day she did secret number one.

She prayed, and she said, God, if you want me at that wedding,

you will make the way.

And then so she asked, and she believed

that God would be able to answer her prayer.

And she had an expectancy that her prayer

was going to come through.

Even the day of-- the day before the wedding.

Well, it was the evening before.

And sure there she was at the cash register.

And somebody came by and said, why aren't you

at your son's wedding?

Well, she didn't know what to say about that.

But just then she looked up and there

were two flight attendants.

And the flight attendant from Southwest

said, your son's getting married?

And she said, yeah, but I can't afford to go and so forth.

Then she tried to make a joke out of it and so forth.

And a few minutes later, the flight attendants had left

and they came back, and they had smiles on their faces.

And they said, can you get tomorrow off?

And the girl next to her said, oh sure, I

can take her shift for her.

She said, we found two buddy passes

in our bag in the car, one ticket

to get you there and one ticket to get you back.

They took out their phone and started

making the reservations.

She was on the first flight in the morning.

She got to her son's wedding.

She believed, she prayed, and she asked.


I mean, the stories in here are astonishing.

Do you have a favorite, Louise?

Well, you know, there's so many favorites.

There was one we actually found from the 700 Club.

It was the two guys, one had given him a kidney transplant.

It all had to do with Sow Mercy For Me.

One was hearing a song, Sow Mercy For Me.

And he met up with a pastor who said,

oh, that's my favorite song.

They hadn't met each other.

And then for some reason the pastor

went on this guy's Facebook post and saw that his wife posted

that he needed a kidney.

And God said, you're the one.

He goes in there.

He gives him his kidney.

But then after the operation the pastor finds out

if he did not give his kidney to this man,

he would have died because he had an embolism that

was hiding behind the kidney.

I mean it just goes on and on.

But you know, that's one of the things you

say in the book is that these God winks are seldom

just connected to one person.

There's an intricacy to how God works.

I think of how we talk about that, the great tapestry

that God is creating in all of this.

He's the Weaver.

What do you want to take away to be?

Well, I want the take away to be hope and encouragement.

That's basically what it is.

And when you read this book and you read these stories

about real people who are just like you,

they happen to all of us.

God winks happen to everybody.

And our plan is to get everybody to open their eyes.

They are like gifts left on the doorstep.

We're just trying to give you the keys

to help you to unlock the door and open your gift.

Well, God is big and his love is deep.

And it's all talked about in the story shared

in this book called The God Wink Effect:

Seven Secrets to God's Signs, Wonders, and Answered Prayers

And it's available wherever books are sold.

Thanks, you two.

I'm going to watch for those hallmark movies that

are coming as part of this.


We're so excited about that.

God wink Hallmark movies.



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