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Pence Promises to Move US Embassy to Jerusalem

Pence Promises to Move US Embassy to Jerusalem Read Transcript

President Donald Trump and I will stand with Israel always.

Of that you may be assured.

ERIK ROSALES: Vice President Mike Pence

promised a crowd of more than 5,000

at the Christians United for Israel summit

that the US embassy in Israel will be moved from Tel Aviv to.


It is not a question of if.

It is only when.

ERIK ROSALES: That's welcome news to founder Pastor John

Hagee and a CUFI membership of more than 3.5 million.

Hagee brought the crowd to its feet

when he boldly said Israel is not an occupied territory.

The Palestinians have no claim to Jerusalem.

It belongs to the Jewish people!

Many of those in attendance say

it's not just about being politically correct.

It's about being right with God and defending Israel.

Many say that this summit allows them

to be educated, to be able to go back home and defend Israel.

Everybody's on the same page.

Everybody's working towards the unity.

And the Scripture tells us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem

ERIK ROSALES: CBN Zone Emily Jones

highlighted the anti-Semitism taking place against Jews

on college campuses.

What is so disgusting is what was once reviled as blatant

anti-Semitism is now called the new social justice movement.

Except this time, there are no safe spaces for Jews.

The vice president ended his speech

by quoting Jeremiah 29:11 and then told the crowd

that the best days of Israel are yet to come.

Erik Rosales, CBN News, Washington.


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