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Bring It On-Line: - July 18, 2017


It's time to bring it on with the email

questions that you've sent in.

And Pat, this first one comes from Jadyn, who says,

"I'm a teen who sees what goes on in my parents' marriage.

My father is financially, physically,

and emotionally abusive to my mother, who I'm very close to.

He has cheated on her before and we suspect he's doing it again.

I see my mother in so much pain constantly and I feel I cannot

deal with this any longer.

I pray to God that it will get better,

but it's getting worse with each day.

What should I do?

Thank you so much CBN."

You know, I don't think I'd ever recommend this.

But in your case, I think it's appropriate.

I think he ought to go to social services.

And you ought to report that abuse about what's

happening to your mother.

And she probably needs to take legal action

if she's hesitant to do it.

But if a man is abusing a wife physically--

TERRY MEEUWSEN: Emotionally.


But the physical part is what you can get him on.

And then you can get a restraining order.

And then you can get a legal degree of separation.

And also, get maintenance and so forth legally.

That man is out of control.

He shouldn't-- no man should ever be allowed to abuse his


He just shouldn't be allowed do it.

And if they do it, there is a legal mechanism.

Now, I know in the Muslim world, a man is free to beat his wife

and so forth, but we don't believe that

and I don't believe it.

But for a teenager, what suffering you must go through.

But if you're old enough, I honestly

would trot down to city hall.

And say look, I want to find protective services,

social services.

I want to report this abuse.

Can you do something about it?


This is Roberta says, "Yesterday, my pastor said,

quote "many will enter heaven, but only a few

will see the kingdom."

That really confused me.

What is he talking about and where in the Bible

does it say that?

I always believed heaven and the kingdom of heaven

were the same thing.

I believe if you don't make it to heaven,

you go directly to hell.

Can you clarify?"

I don't know what that pastor is talking about.

If he's found something?

I haven't said in the Bible.

I don't know what they're referring to.

But you're right, Paul said I'm in a straight betwixt

two whether to depart and be with the Lord

or to remain in the flesh.

Jesus said, this day you will be with me in paradise

to the thief on the cross.

I don't know any in-between thing.

We don't believe in any in between heaven and this earth.

So I tell you there's more bad doctrine floating around

in churches today, we keep hearing about.

It's not based on the Bible.

I believe in basing my faith in scripture and doctrine

on biblical truth.

And if it's not in the Bible, I don't

want to have any part of it.

All right.

OK, this is Maddy.

She's also a teenager.

She says, "I'm 16 years old.

I grew up in an abusive, divided home.

I was the only one in my family to pray

and attempted to keep some love and structure among us.

However, I was and still am the one who gets abused the most.

My friends don't want to be around me,

because I'm depressed.

My teachers are getting annoyed with hearing

about my problems."

"I feel like I have no one.

I did lose touch with God.

And every time I try to pray, I feel

like he's disappointed in me.

I'm so sad all the time, it seems

like it's the only emotion I'm comfortable with.

I push people away who actually mean well, and give

my attention to those who don't love me.

I always prayed when I was younger.

I held on to Jesus, but it seems like I was

the one who was hurt the most.


Is there something wrong with me?

She's still a teenager?



Well, that's a very difficult time in life, you know?

Your hormones are coming up.

You're going through puberty.

You're going through all these changes.

And of course, you feel despondent.

But listen.

Rejoice in the Lord, that's what the command is.

In everything, rejoice, for this is the will of God and Christ

concerning you.

Give thanks.

Give thanks under the Lord.

And I tell you, Maddy.

Start the day praising God.

And just say it consciously.

This is the day the Lord hath made.

And I will rejoice and be glad in it.

And begin to live a life of joy.

But if you have nothing, but negativity, you of course,

will drive people away from you.

And you need to go through life.

You need not go through life with a cloud over your head.

So begin to praise God.

And get together with people who share that precious faith.

You know, you always say it takes

21 days to change a habit.

But having negativity is a habit also.


One last question.


"Does love have to be an emotion or can it be an act

that you choose to do even when you don't feel it?

Patience, kindness, and forgiveness

always seem to be needed when I'm not in the mood."

Well, it is the act that's important,

and not your feelings.

So you need to act it out.

And as you act it out, you will begin to feel it.


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