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New Sanctions for Iran: Trump Admin Cracks Down

New Sanctions for Iran: Trump Admin Cracks Down Read Transcript

Joining us now with more on the Trump administration's Iran

decision is our chief political correspondent David Brody.

David, so why did the White House move forward

to decide to renew this agreement?

Well, it's complicated, as he would say.

There's a movie, I think, it's called It's Complicated.

Look, President Trump wanted to.

I mean-- when I said wanted to didn't want to renew the deal,

he wanted to, in essence, get out of the deal.

He was close to doing that.

He was close to doing it.

And look, he listened to the folks

that know this issue best--

HR McMaster, General Mattis, and also Rex Tillerson.

And so there was this long meeting at the White House.

And they all said, look, you've got to stay in the deal.

And Iran was, in essence, by the letter of the law--

I mean, they were complying in air quotes if you will.

There was ways to potentially get out of it.

And Trump wanted to get out of it.

And so now we see this kind of a--

the spirit of the deal has been not invoked,

but the spirit of the law has basically

been objected to by the president.

So, we'll see.

It seems like it's going down a road here where

they may eventually get out.

Well, basically, they're saying

that Iran is continuing to comply with this.

But it seems like you don't have key people

in place yet in the State Department

to have differing opinions there.

He's behind, is he not, on getting those appointments

confirmed, and so forth?

How much does that figure in, do you think?

It figures in a lot.

And this has been a problem since the beginning

of his administration, that he is just not

appointing key people at not just the State Department,

but in so many other different agencies

around the federal government.

And so I think that that's a big portion of this.

But the reality is that--

I will say this for President Trump.

A lot of folks think that, you know,

Trump's going to just do what Trump wants to do.

Well, in this case, Trump didn't do what he wants to do.

He wants to get out of the deal, and he didn't do it

because he did listen to the generals on the ground,

in this case the generals in the Oval Office.

OK, and we saw a Washington Post/ABC News

poll that says his popularity rating is down,

only 36% approval there.

Rasmussen said 43%, which is quite a bit better.

But still, this was something he campaigned on.

Do you think it will hurt him?

Well, it may hurt him eventually

if it's not somehow rectified in those first four years,

kind of like the Jerusalem Embassy situation.

Everybody said that was a broken campaign promise,

and indeed, that was a disappointment,

no doubt about it.

But let's just wait and see how this plays out

and how Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Authority

go about this, and see if Trump plays that card eventually.

And I think this is another Trump card, no pun intended,

that he can play at some point.

And he wants to play it.

In other words, he wants to get out of the deal.

And I think what you'll see is, at this point, a 90 day plan

that McMaster and others are going to come up

with to somehow make it a tighter enforcement situation,

where Trump can have some leeway to get out of it.

Well, the next one comes up in 90 days.

He'll have to make a decision again.

Any chance that he'll dump out then?

Well, I think that's the road we're going on, Gary.

And whether it becomes 90 days, or 90 days after that,

that we'll see.

But remember, all that means--

just because he says he wants to get out of the deal,

that just takes it back to Congress at that point.

That Congress would then have to figure it out from that point

and then the president can eventually

get out if he wants to.

And you have a new show tomorrow, 12:30,

live on Facebook, Sean Spicer.

Sean Spicer, the first guest.

It's called Faith Nation.

Facebook page, CBN News, boy, it's going to be--

12:30 Eastern, check your local listings.

Come on, I mean, that's a serious crew right there.

Look at that.

And I know you'll ask Spicer about the Iran deal.

We will.

That, and health care, and the whole kit and caboodle.

And what's nice is that we're able to cut

through the mainstream media clutter

and just go right to the source.

Well, we're looking to you to do that.

I'm going to do it.

And your team that will be with you.

You're going to hold me accountable, aren't you.

Thanks so much.

And stay tuned tomorrow.

12:30, we'll find out more about this story

from Sean Spicer on David's new show.

Facebook Live, 12:30 PM.

Thanks for joining us now.


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