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Dee-1 talks music, marriage and his love for CBN News.

Dee-1 talks music, marriage and his love for CBN News. Read Transcript

With what's going on here today in [INAUDIBLE],,

you go on that stage to deliver a message and uplift people.

But what do you take away from these events?

What I take away from these events is honestly,

my fire has to stay fueled.

Like, I'm so grateful and so honored

that God has chosen me to give me a platform

to be a steward of his message and to reach his people so

when I get up there honestly it just humbles me.

And I'm like, God, like, you really think a lot of me.

Because there could be a lot of people

you chose to be on the stage right now.

So each and every time that I'm on a stage,

I could be in front of 100 people,

I could be in front of 10,000 people like today.

Each and every time, I'm just like, wow,

this limited time I have on Earth is being put to good use.

Because you know, my ministry is to reach other people that

are believers, obviously, and keep them pumped up,

and allow them to see that our mission is

to go out in the world.

You know, our mission is to go out in the world

and to bring people to Christ.

But my ministry is to speak to other believers

and make sure they have the courage to know that that's

what we called to do.

Like this is a very safe haven, you know.

You're around a bunch of Christians,

and everyone is like, oh, yeah, we all love Jesus.

That's cool.

But our job is not done here.

We got to go in that world.

I love it.

I love it.

As we talked about earlier, you are a former teacher.


And a lot of your songs have messages

about financial literacy.

What does Christ say?

What is the Biblical application about how

we spend our money, where we spend our money?

Right, well we're supposed to be

a good steward of the blessings that we receive.

So money in and of itself is not a bad thing.

The love of money is a sin.

You know, the love of money is a problem.

But money in and of itself, if you manage money properly,

that money is going to be used as a blessing to other people.

So my thing is, when we get a little bit of money,

how can we be smart with it to where we don't just waste it,

or we don't blow it on things that

aren't blessings to others.

There's ways that we can multiply our money.

There's ways that we can truly take a little bit

and learn how to not only save it, but how to spend it wisely,

and how to bless other people with our money in a way

that we shouldn't have to be poverty stricken.

Like we shouldn't have to be poverty

stricken just because we preach in Christ to people.

Like no, I don't have to be poor when

I'm out there telling people, hey man,

you need to follow Christ.

You need to follow Christ.

And I follow Christ, and guess what?

I got a lot of money, you know what I mean?

That's something that catches a 15 year old's attention.

Like, oh, word?

Like, OK.

But at the same time as me saying,

OK, I have a lot of money, it's not me

saying that my identity is built on having a lot of money.

But I'm telling you that because I

want you to know that following Christ doesn't

mean that you have to be out here poor,

you know what I mean?

But at the same time, you teach

them to be smart with money.


Because your new song--

and let me say you, I feel your new song.

I drive a 2001 Cadillac, and I'm proud of it because I have no--

No car note.

No car note.

That's the thing.

I try to tell people like, having money isn't always

about what you make, it's about how much you're able to save.

So I can make $100,000, and if I only spend $40,000 of it, then

I still have 60.

Somebody else can make $150,000, but if they

have to live off $130,000 of it, they only have 20,000 left.

I got more money than that person,

and they technically made more than me.

So I still proudly drive my 1998 Honda Accord,

and I love my car, honestly.

I love it for multiple reasons.

Number one, we have to change our perspective on these things

we spend money on.

A car is a means from point A to point B. For me,

a car is not a means to go out and pick up girls in it,

or to try to be the most popular guy town because of what

kind of car I pull up in.

A car as a means from point A to point B. My car gets me there

with no problem, you know.

Number two, my car is paid off.

So every month, I don't have a bill that

comes associated with this car.

It's not a liability to me.

It's actually an asset, because it's not

costing me a bunch of money to maintain and keep that car.

People don't understand that.

People think that a car is a rite

of passage to prove that you have made it

or something like that.

My thing is like, no, the car is not what should be valuable.

The person hopping out the car is far more valuable

than the car itself.

And people need to really internalize that.

Once you realize that, you'll be like, yo,

I drive whatever, honestly.

Because you know, I'm the valuable asset

in this equation, not the car itself.

I love it.

Music wise, what can we expect next?

What projects you coming?

Oh, so I'm so excited to be telling you all,

and I actually want to do a lot with you all,

because y'all support me a whole bunch.

And that means whoever's watching this that works

with CBN, thank you so much.

My new album, Slingshot David the album, is dropping.

This will be my first major label album,

so it means a lot to me.

I put my heart and soul into this.

The story that I'm telling on this album

is going to transform people's lives, I promise.

Because God has not only given me

the musical ability, but the ability

to be a gifted storyteller, in a way that my stories take people

to a certain place to where at the end of it,

they're like, wow, this is applicable to my own life.

You know, through hearing Dee-1's story,

I see immediately how it's applicable.

That's what I did on this album.

I don't want to give too much--

I actually do want to give everything away right now

and tell y'all, like spill all the beans.

I was going to ask.

I'm going to wait till the right time

with CBN to talk about this album, give it proper context.

Because it is something great, and I promise, like,

I'm doing this so that, you know, the Kingdom of God

is glorified, and can be expanded, honestly,

through this story that I'm telling.

You know, and I'm just a little pawn in this big chess game,

but trust me, God is using me.

And I'm well aware of that at this point.

So I'm very, very intentional, very sharp with what

I'm dropping, you know?

Last question.

You mentioned CBN, you brought it up now.

In your last interview with us in Studio Five,

you said a year from today--

what did you say?

I think I said a year and a half.

So yeah, we ain't there yet, we getting close, though.

Go ahead, you can finish it.

He said a year from today he would be--

A year and a half.

A year and a half, would be married.

So you're going to talk to me in six months?

In six months, let's say engaged.

We going to talk in six months, and I believe

the words I said were engaged.

Maybe I said married.

But if I'm engaged I'm on my way to getting married.

So I've got 180 days left, you hear me?

We're going to find the tape.

We going to find the tape.

We going to go back.

I think she has inconclusive evidence, I don't know.

Fake news.

Yeah, fake-- [LAUGHTER].

But yeah, give me 180 more days, trust me.

I definitely want to be married, yo, like I really do.

I just-- I can't wait, yo.

Because the union of marriage is something beautiful.

Shout out to my grandma and my grandpa.

They on their 62nd year of marriage.

My mother and father, they on like their 35th year

of marriage.

And I'm on zero, man.

I'm losing now, my chill, man.

I'm losing.

I've got to catch up, for real.

Dee-1, thank you so much.

Thank you.


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