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One-of-a-Kind Aquarium Comes to Jerusalem

One-of-a-Kind Aquarium Comes to Jerusalem Read Transcript

JULIE STAHL: This tunnel under the Mediterranean Sea exhibit

is bound to be one of the main attractions

at the new Gottesman Family Israel Aquarium, Jerusalem.

The tunnel is part of a 400,000 gallon tank

at the aquarium which is part of Jerusalem's Biblical Zoo.

It will hold sharks and other fish

from the Mediterranean Sea.

Biblical Zoo and Israel Aquarium CEO, Shai Doron,

said one of the main thrusts is to raise awareness

about wildlife habitat preservation in the sea.

The aquarium aims to have something for everyone,

like this interactive pop up.

It puts you right in the middle of the Red Sea coral

reef surrounded by clown fish.

In other places, visitors have to search for the treasures.

In a pre-opening tour, CBN News was given a behind the scenes

look at the core of the aquarium, the breeding,

research, and quarantine center.

The path ends at what's called the commitment room.

There, visitors are urged to pledge

to protect sea life by promising not to drive four

by fours along the shore and not to take seashells or bring

plastic bags to the beach.

Even though there are great aquariums around the world,

Doron says this one has something special.

Julie Stahl, CBN News, the Israel Aquarium, Jerusalem.


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