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News on The 700 Club: July 19, 2017

As seen on "The 700 Club," July 19: Why did Trump give Iran a pass?, Activist Mommy starts 'Operation Pull Teen Vogue' after mag peddles perversion to minors, and more. Read Transcript

Welcome, folks, to this edition of the 700 Club.

We're delighted to have you with us.

Wendy's here with us today.

You're back from climbing all kinds of strange mountains.

Well, I haven't seen you since you were with the president,

a week ago.

I had a lot of fun.

Yeah, very good interview.

More coming.

Yeah well, he seemed to like it and it's

nice to get a friendly face.

So we will set up another one maybe in another month or so

and see what we can do.

All righty.

Well folks, the world has watched in horror

as North Korea has built up its nuclear weapons

program with intercontinental ballistic missiles

that they can use to strike America.

But what if Iran also had such dreadful weapons?

President Trump is moving to stop that scenario

from becoming a deadly reality.

Critics say President Obama's deal with Iran

will let it build nuclear weapons,

but President Trump is apparently

getting ready to put an end to that agreement.

Dale Hurd has the story.

DALE HURD: President Trump was reportedly

eager to declare Iran in breach of the nuclear deal

but was talked out of it, by top cabinet members and security

aides who rushed to the Oval Office

to persuade him as the midnight deadline approached.

They wanted to at least wait until the Iran

review is completed, and a new US policy

is ready to be unveiled.

CBN's David Brody explains what happened.

He listened to the folks that know this issue best, H.R.

McMaster, General McManus, and also Rex Tillerson.

And so there was this long meeting at the White House,

and they all said, look, you've got to stay in the deal,

and a lot of folks think that Trump's

going to just do what Trump wants to do.

Well, in this case, Trump didn't do what he wants to do.

He wants to get out of the deal, and he didn't do it,

because he did listen to the generals on the ground,

in this case, the generals in the Oval Office.

DALE HURD: Trump agreed, Monday night, to let the issue go,

but only until the deal comes up for review again

in three months, and only after last minute changes

that would distance him from the deal.

President Obama once famously boasted that his agreement,

in 2015, to lift sanctions on Iran

was the strongest nonproliferation

deal ever negotiated.

It is a good deal, a deal that meets our core objectives.

This framework would cut off every pathway

that Iran could take to develop a nuclear weapon.

DALE HURD: But conservative critics,

including President Trump and members of his team,

have repeatedly said it's a bad deal.

And that it opens the door for Iran to build nuclear weapons,

just as another country already has.

An unchecked Iran has the potential

to travel the same path as North Korea

and take the world along with it.

But the White House has decided

to let the deal stand without technically confirming

that Iran is complying with it.

And it slapped new non-nuclear sanctions on Iranians

Tuesday to show that Trump is indeed

serious about confronting Tehran.

It's highly unlikely Trump will agree

to certify the deal again, when it comes up

for review in a few months, according to White House


And some think that Trump's broader review on Iran,

expected to conclude in the next few weeks,

will mark a major shift in relations,

and a massive increase in US pressure

on the Islamic republic.

Dale Hurd, CBN News.

Well, it's got to be done.

That deal was outrageous.


And it was another thing where they

pull the wool over the American people,

and one of Obama's aides laughed at the fact

that the American voters are being made fools of.

Well, President Trump is also meeting

with republican senators today to talk about the next moves

on health care.

Efrem Graham has that.

Pat, the president is not giving up on health care,

even though he made it clear he's unhappy the republican

bill to repeal and replace Obamacare failed in the Senate.

I'm certainly disappointed.

For seven years, I've been hearing

repeal and replace from Congress,

and I've been hearing it loud and strong.

And then when we finally get a chance to repeal and replace,

they don't take advantage of it.

EFREM GRAHAM: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell

plans to hold a vote early next week to repeal the bill,

and Vice President Pence said they should vote on it.

You know, the Senate actually passed the very same bill

in 2015, and sent it to President Obama's desk,

and they should do it again.

But the republican senators have already

said they'll vote against bringing up

the measure for a decision.

The republican plans for health care

will be one of the subjects on the premier of Faith

Nation, the new CBN News political show.

David Brody and Jen O'Brada will be talking to White House Press

Secretary Sean Spicer.

Now, you can watch that at 12:30 live on Facebook Live.


It's a disgrace the Republicans can't get together

on this thing.

Lisa Murkowski from Alaska, Susan Collins from Maine,

they were the major holdouts.

They seem to want to wave their fist or their finger,

I should say, in the faces of their republican colleagues.

And since it's that close of vote, what's coming up?

Perhaps, they need to have a few more republican senators.

There are some weak Democrats who

they might have a chance to get with,

but I'm telling you this is disgraceful.

It's now one party against the other party,

and I mentioned yesterday, I'll say it again,

a house divided against itself cannot stand.

A kingdom divided against itself is going to come to trouble,

and unless we get something going something

we're in trouble.

Because you've got one party that their whole agenda

is to hurt the president.

And by the way, I was watching one

of those clowns on late night--

I saw a clip of what he was talking about.

I wasn't seeing his program--

but he's over in Russia defaming our president.

And I think Americans, when they go overseas,

they ought to be Americans, and we have one president.

We don't have two, we've got one,

and he's the choice of the American people

for their leader.

And I think for a talk show host to go to Russia

and say that Trump doesn't have as much sense as a potato,

this is an outrage.

And I think we should show that kind of outrage,

because again, they say beyond the border,

we're all Americans.


EFREM GRAHAM: Pat, she is a growing voice on social media

and known as the Activist Mommy, and she wants Teen Vogue

magazine taken off store shelves because of an article

instructing children how to perform sodomy.

As Charlene Aaron reports, parents are outraged,

and they're joining her call for a nationwide boycott.

CHARLENE AARON: This is how Elizabeth Johnston, known

as the Activist Mommy, responded to the Teen Vogue

article, Everything You Need to Know About Anal Sex.

How To Do It the Right Way.

The mother of 10 tossed pages of the magazine into the fire.

Don't let your kids read garbage.

CHARLENE AARON: After posting this on Facebook

to her 300,000 fans, it also caught fire

with more than 8 million views.

Johnston also launched Operation Pull Teen Vogue,

urging stores to remove the magazine from their shelves.

In the article, author Gigi Engle

answers hypothetical questions to explain anal sex,

and says some describe an experience which,

quote, can be delightful.

I was just so outraged when some parents sent me

this article.

I could not believe what I was reading,

and the worst part about it was that here you

have adults peddling this sexual information to minors,

to children.

CHARLENE AARON: Johnston is not alone,

as commentator Matt Walsh also strongly condemned the article.

The left wants nothing more than to turn your child

into a sexual deviant, he writes.

This is the primary goal of modern leftism.

Nothing matters more to them than converting your child

into the religion of self-indulgence.

After all, it may be too late to mold you

into a desperate, lonely, sex-obsessed freak,

but your daughter, well, she's ripe for the picking.

Johnston believes it will take action and righteous

indignation to save the next generation.

You go to your local library, grocery store, and gas station,

and see if they are carrying Teen Vogue.

And speak to the manager or the owner,

and ask them to, please, never carry Teen Vogue again.

This is our obscenity.

This is pornography, and this needs

to be pulled from the shelves.

CHARLENE AARON: Charlene Aaron, CBN News.

Turning to health news, a healthy diet

can keep your brain healthy as you get older

and drastically cut your chances of getting dementia.

That is the finding from a group of studies.

Health Day News includes the diet,

and says the diet should include fruits, vegetables,

low-fat dairy, whole grains, poultry, fish, and nuts,

while limiting the amount of red meat, sugar, and salt.

And you can replace butter with healthy fats, like olive oil.

Experts also say you can get the benefits

from that healthy diet, even if you start eating it later

in life.

Although, others say the sooner you

start eating healthy, the better.

Pat, yet another study to prove what

you've been saying a long time.

I did.

I just gave them all the information

and they just wrote it all down.

You do this healthy stuff, don't you?

Yeah, let's see.

I was flying all day.

I was in the air.

It's hard to eat healthy when you're on an airplane.

I flew from Austin, Texas to Boston,

from Boston to Baltimore, and Baltimore to Norfolk.

And so I was in the air all day.

So I think I had a power bar, and that was it.

You have to carry your snacks with you, a few nuts.

I'm a fan of nuts.

Micro-nutrients is the key, and micro-nutrients found in nuts

and berries--

so blueberries, blackberries, raspberries,

strawberries, all these colored berries, and all kinds of nuts.

It's so easy.

And this is the season.

Yeah, it's the season and it's delicious.

Why not enjoy yourself?

But I tell you, I'm not a bad cook.

I can cook healthy stuff too.

I love vegetables.

Really, they're good.

And you make a mean minestrone soup.

Award-winning, darling, hey, my minestrone,

I just kept putting stuff into it, and then put it in the pot.

Give me some spinach, give me some chopped kale,

give me some of this, that, and the other,

and it was delicious.

That's a good way to get your kale.

If you don't like kale, put it in your soup.

So kale is--

they're actually eating kale little snacks.

Oh, the fried.

Fried or baked kale.

They're crispy, like potato chips,

only they're kale chips, yeah.

Healthy, we're the healthiest channel.

Keep it fair and healthy.


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