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Regent University's New State-of-the-Art Facility to Offer Highest Level of Cybersecurity Training in Nation

Regent University's New State-of-the-Art Facility to Offer Highest Level of Cybersecurity Training in Nation Read Transcript

The need for cybersecurity grows more obvious every day

when we hear about everything from super secure government

databases to department store information

being compromised or hacked.

Regent University will soon open a cyber range

and become one of the top training operations

for the career field in the nation.

Cyberbit's Sam Freedman joins us now

to explain what a cyber range is and its part in the Regent


Thank you so much for your time today, Sam.

Thank you for having me.

Well, first of all, let's talk about the need.

Elaborate on how great a problem we face with cybersecurity.

Are there any real world examples you can give us?

Yes, actually, the last couple of weeks, we've

seen a few real world examples with the two major ransomwares

that pretty much everybody heard of, at least.

The WannaCry ransomware and the Petya ransomware.

And those were global phenomenon,

so it was news all over the world.

But there's countless stories and hacks and threats

daily that don't even make the news,

that we find out about all the time.

What exactly is a cyber range?

So a cyber range, the easiest way

to understand it is if you think of a flight simulator.

This is basically the same thing for a cyber training facility.

It is a standalone platform to train,

real time training with real computers, real workstations,

real threats, real ransomware threats, that students

can come and sit in front of a computer

and prevent a ransomware attack, or a DDOS attack

with live feed.

And why are these virtual reality

scenarios so important for students

training in this field?

Well, I guess it's hands-on training like anything else.

Soldiers or doctors, anybody else

you want them to test different live fire, activity,

or exercise.

It's the same thing with cyber.

It's great if they can read about and understand

what it is, but until they're attacked, until a cyber

attack is hitting their computer and they

have to quickly code and try to prevent it or deflect it,

they won't know how that's going to affect them

when they're in real time.

They won't know how to act quickly.

This gives them that chance, where we can throw attacks

at them, different types of real world

attacks, SQL-injection attacks, DDOS

attacks, ransomware attacks.

And they'll sit there, and prevent it, and make sure

that they actually know what they're

doing when a real threat actually

hits their agencies or their companies.

And tell us about your partnership

with Regent University.

Regent University, I have to say,

it's been wonderful working with Dr. Robertson and Dr. Moreno.

They just understood, even from the first time

that we got together and we met.

Obviously, I speak with lots of universities.

But Regent University just understood the need,

and they acted quickly.

They realize that this is just a threat that's

facing America today in the workforce with hundreds

of thousands of open cyber security positions

that need to be filled.

We need these guys trained.

And Regent took it upon on themselves to act quickly,

put up one of our ranges, and wants

to get training as fast as possible

to help the US protect itself a little bit better.

Definitely a need.

Sam Friedman, thanks for your time.

Thank you very much.


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