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Gerald Ford's Daughter Gives CBN News a Sneak Peek of Navy's Newest Carrier

Gerald Ford's Daughter Gives CBN News a Sneak Peek of Navy's Newest Carrier Read Transcript

This weekend, President Trump will preside over

the commissioning of the Navy's newest nuclear powered aircraft

carrier, the USS Gerald R Ford.

National security correspondent Erik Rosales

went aboard the ship and got a firsthand look at it, along

with the daughter of former President Ford, Susan Ford


ERIK ROSALES: It's a ship like no other,

the first of its kind, the most technically advanced warship

ever built. And also, the most expensive,

costing $12.9 million dollars.

This was the swearing in of him as president.

ERIK ROSALES: But for Susan Bales, the daughter

of the 38th president of the United States,

she says being on the ship feels like being

at home because throughout it you can find tributes

to her father, Gerald R Ford.

For instance, the flag that is behind you

all is the flag that sat on his side of the bed after he died.

That's where my mother kept it.

There are pieces that my dad everywhere and there

is a reason we did that.

I mean, there's pictures of him in the gym, playing golf,

swimming, doing athletic things.

And the whole point of it is so that the sailors

can identify with him.

One of the items on board is a tribute room

to Gerald R Ford which highlights the different stages

of his life, from when he was an Eagle

Scout as a young boy to his days playing football

to his early days as a Navy sailor

to his presidency of the United States.

Everything that hits home to a sailor touches at home with us

and know that he was one of us and that he

went through the same things that we're going to go through.

So he's a huge part of this ship and he lives in the bulkheads

and in the walls.

ERIK ROSALES: As the ship gets ready,

critical components like the electromagnetic catapults

and the advance arresting gear responsible for allowing planes

to safely takeoff and land are still being tested.

With all new technology, there's risks.

And that's why we're here is to go out

there and take shake them down and make

sure it's working right.

You can see in here behind me preparations are taking place

for Saturday's commissioning.

A commissioning ceremony which will be

attended by President Donald Trump.

Thousands are expected to attend.

Erik Rosales, "CBN News," Norfolk, Virginia.


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