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'Aspiring Dictator' Inflicts Chaos on Venezuela: Christians Call for Godly Solutions

'Aspiring Dictator' Inflicts Chaos on Venezuela: Christians Call for Godly Solutions Read Transcript

GARY LANE: Opposition parties say a constitutional assembly

is just an attempt by the socialist president

to impose a dictatorship in Venezuela.

Many are at a breaking point after suffering for months

from food shortages and heavy-handed government


The crisis has motivated Venezuela's church to action.

Leading up to the vote, public plazas around the nation

echoed with the prayers of Christians.

INTERPRETER: I think the church has awakened.

They are understanding the challenge

of the Venezuelan problem.

And each and every one of Christians

must become main characters of this process of change.

Today we see joy in the streets.

We see the people's will for a change,

and the active presence of the Christian church in Venezuela.

GARY LANE: Many Venezuelan Christians

believe their country will prosper

only as people look to God, not politicians, for solutions.

INTERPRETER: We've been facing the Lord

and asking to turn the heart of the people to him.

We have decided to participate in this opportunity,

because he's not about to give support

to any particular political party.

GARY LANE: Pastor Rivero says the government

should submit to the authority of God and the Constitution.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump, former Mexican President, Vicente Fox,

and members of the European Union

called on President Maduro to honor the will of the voters

and cancel the planned constitutional assembly.

President Trump described the Venezuelan president

as a bad leader and aspiring dictator.

He's threatened to take strong and swift economic actions

against Maduro if he tries to rewrite the Constitution.

Maduro fired back saying he won't be governed

by the northern empire.

With possible economic sanctions and more hardship

ahead, Christians are stepping into the conflict

to pray and shine a light of hope

in the midst of economic and political upheaval.

INTERPRETER: Venezuela, this is your hour.

This is your time.

While many are seeing chaos, while many

are seeing that Venezuela has no solutions, that restoration

will take a long time, God says, I will raise you up.

I will bless you.

GARY LANE: Gary Lane, CBN News.


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