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Praying For Your Needs: July 21, 2017

Gordon and Terry pray for you and deliver words of knowledge through the power of the Holy Spirit for your healing. Read Transcript

We want to pray for you right now,

and we want to build your faith even more from the story

that you've just heard to here's a story of Barbara.

She lives in Ashland, Virginia.

She, fell landing on her left knee.

The knee was very painful, made a clicking sound,

and would occasionally give out on her.

Her doctor referred her to an orthopedic doctor.

But before her appointment, she was watching this program.

She was sitting in her chair and she said,

Lord, when am I going to get my word of knowledge?

She placed her hand on her left me as we prayed,

and in that moment Gordon said, "Someone with the left knee,

and you've got your hand on it and you're waiting for me

to say 'left knee,' and God has heard your cry.

What you couldn't do before, do it now.

Receive healing into that joint in Jesus' name."

She said she felt a warm sensation come

into her left knee.

She jumped up and danced around the room.

Her knee remained warm all night.

Over the next two days, the clicking and the pain stopped.

She's had no problem with her left knee since that day.

Wow, that's a word for Barbara.

Here's Pam from Sharon, Pennsylvania.

She suffered daily from the pain of atrial fibrillation

for 10 years.

Medication did not work because it caused her body

to have seizures.

The doctors totally ruled out a pacemaker,

so she had to live with the condition as best she could.

Well, last July, Pam was watching "The 700 Club"

and Terry had this word.

"You've been diagnosed with some kind of defective problem

with your heart.

God is healing that for you right now.

Just receive it."

Well, Pam dropped to her knees and claimed the word.

When she got up, the pain was gone.

After a month had passed without any heart pain or discomfort,

she called CBN to give God the glory for healing her.

Realize that God is with us.

In him, we live and move and have our being.

He is our very present help in time of trouble.

And so often when we get into trouble,

we allow the trouble to drown out

that fact, that in him, we live and move and have our being.

If today God seems far from you, if trouble seems really near,

maybe you've got cancer, maybe it's been diagnosed as stage 4,

maybe you know someone who is in desperate need,

maybe you're the one in desperate need.

Well, the prayer of those two buddies on the lake, God

we can't save ourselves.

Only you can save us.

Only you can do this, and I rely on you.

I need that peace now.

I need that help now.

I need your promise to be real for me.

An if you just pray that and relax into him,

don't let your symptoms drown out the word of God.

Let him come to you, right where you are.

You don't have to pray right.

You don't have to go up to heaven.

You don't have to do anything like that.

He's right there with you.

He is walking through it with you.

All you need to do is settle yourself

to be able to hear his voice, and then he will send his word

and heal your disease.

He will deliver you.

He wants to be your savior.

He wants to be your all in all.

So Terry and I are going to pray for you right now.

And the Bible says if two or more agree touching anything,

it shall be done.

So you agree with us, and just calm yourself to say,

I need God right now.

In the midst of whatever it is, let's let God do it.

Let's turn to Him, and let's pray.

Lord, we lift the needs of the audience to you,

and we come together in agreement.

And we come together in agreement

with those who are praying right now and asking you for a word,

asking you to just speak to their hearts, Lord God.

So we ask now that you would send that still, small voice,

and you would heal.

You would deliver.

You would set them free.

You would be their Savior.

You would be there all in all.

You would be their very present help in time of trouble.

Lord we acknowledge right now that in you we live and move

and have our being.

You are all around us.

You are in us.

You're above us.

You're below us.

You're behind us.

You're in front of us.

You're to our left, to our right.

Wherever we turn, we want to see you in every moment.

So Lord come now.

Manifest your presence.

Manifest your healing.

Be gracious to us Lord God.

Cause your face to shine upon us, and give us your peace.

So Lord now, with the authority given to us

as believers in the cross of Jesus Christ we declare over

these sicknesses be healed and be made whole.

There's someone, you've got an infection in the brain,

and you're in a hospital.

And right now God is able to clear that away and all

of that burning that you're experiencing now

in Jesus' name, be gone, that pain lift off of you now

in Jesus' name.

No more.

No more.

No return.

Be healed.

Be delivered now.

Terry, what are you--

I saw now.

You have a problem with your hips.

You'll know this is you because the diagnosis you've

been given, the doctors use the term pelvic girdle,

and it's like out of balance or something.

God is just straightening that and your spine

out for you right now.

You're not going to have that pain when you walk.

Someone else, you have a burning and like a scratching

in your whole throat and your breathing.

God is curing that for you right now, just healing it.

Someone else, you have an ear, your left ear all of a sudden,

just stopped up, and you've had trouble hearing.

It's opening right now in Jesus' name.

Someone, you got severe problems in your right shoulder.

It's a deep injury, and it's like your shoulder has locked

up, and God is healing it.

He's restoring it.

Just begin to do what you couldn't do before

and realize God has healed you.

He's set you free.

Lord, we thank you.

We thank you for all that you do, all that you are.

You are our healer.

You come and you manifest healings.

We thank you for it.

In Jesus' name, amen.

If you need prayer, we're here for you,

and we love to pray for you.

It's our privilege, our honor to pray.

All you have to do is call us, 1-800-759-0700.

And if you've been healed, share your good report,

encourage others with what God can do.

The power of God to heal, to deliver, to set free.

Give us a call, and let us know.


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