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CBN News in a Minute: Today's Top Headlines – July 21.

CBN News in a Minute: Today's Top Headlines – July 21. Read Transcript

It's Friday, July 21st, and here is your CBN News minute.

President Trump lashed out at the man spearheading the Russia


He took aim at special counsel Robert Mueller

during an interview with the New York Times,

saying Mueller would cross a red line if he probed Trump family

finances not tied to Russia.

I think that's a violation.

Look, this is about Russia.

A wildfire in California forced thousands

from their homes.

3,000 firefighters are battling flames

that have destroyed some 100 structures, including 50 homes.

Israel is resisting pressure to remove metal detectors

at the Temple Mount.

It's there three Israeli Arabs killed two policemen last week.

Now, anyone entering the Jewish Western Wall

must pass through a rigorous security system.

For CBN News, I'm Ben Kennedy.

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