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Bob Waliszewski (Focus on the Family)

Bob Waliszewski (Focus on the Family) Read Transcript

So is "Dunkirk" film for the entire family?

Let's turn to our friends at Focus on the Families

plugged in online to learn their thoughts on the film.

This week they also check out "Transformers, the Last Night."

MAN: There are 400,000 men on this beach.


The movie "Dunkirk" swoops in on the coast of France in 1940.

There World War II allied soldiers

are trapped on the beaches, waiting for rescue,

while enemy forces rumble ever closer.

The problem is British destroyers

are little more than sitting ducks for the German warplanes.

MAN: It's going by ground.

And so the British Royal Navy issues

a decree for all local boats to travel to Dunkirk.

They must get these stranded men back to England

by any means necessary or risk the possibility of losing

hundreds of thousands of lives.

MAN: Where are we going?


I'm not coming back.

There's no hiding from the son.

This film jumps back and forth in time and perspective

to paint a full picture of the chaos at hand.

Commanding officers struggled to find anything that floats

and take men off that beachhead.

And at the same time, a handful of spitfire pilots

try to make every bullet count, as they battle

to keep enemy fighters at bay.

This has already been called one of director Christopher Nolan's

best films.

And it is indeed a well-crafted depiction of history.

It shows the terror of war, as well as

the pure bravery, heroism, and self-sacrifice

in the midst of that terrible event.

Of course, viewers will need to expect realistic war violence.

There's not a lot of gore, but many scenes of death

and quite a bit of course and foul language too.

So I'm giving "Dunkirk" a three out of five

for family friendliness.

For the full review, visit us at

Plugging into the movie, I'm Bob Waliszewski

for Focus on the Families plugged in movie review.

That's a quick look at your weekend entertainment.

You can also check us out at Studio 5

online to learn more about those reviews.

Stay with us.

We'll be coming right back.


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