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Erik Rosales Homefront Interview on Comey,

Erik Rosales Homefront Interview on Comey, Read Transcript


Switching gears now to the Homefront.

James Comey is writing a book on the so-called "House of Cards"

drama in the White House.

So what could he possibly be writing about?

And Christopher Wray-- who is he?

We will explore Trump's new FBI director pick.

And Loretta Lynch.

Did you know she brought over the Russian lawyer Don Jr. Met


Well, we'll find out about that, and talk

about that interesting twist to that story.

CBN News national security correspondent, Erik Rosales,

now joins us.

Eric, you're right here in the studio.

Thanks for being with us.

So what are you hearing about this new book?

Well, I tell you what.

The infamous memo writer is at it again.

Yeah, exactly that.

We're hearing everything that it could be--

it's currently being shopped around right now

by Javelin Media.

And he could be receiving millions of dollars.

And of course, the big question everybody

wants to know is, what exactly happened in the days

and months coming up to his firing and the talks

that he had with President Trump?


Would have been nice to be a fly on the wall for that.

And maybe he'll tell us.

That would have been great.

And it's already expected to be a bestseller.

So we're going to have to wait and see.


Now the new FBI director that is probably will be confirmed,

do you think?

I believe he will be confirmed.

We're hearing everything from--

Christopher Wray.

Christopher Wray.

But we're hearing everything from even Senator Dianne

Feinstein giving her big thumbs up on this pick for--

and it's a good pick.

It's a good pick by the president,

because he's somewhat different than Comey.

Those that I spoke with there on Capitol Hill and those

who know him say--

So he's the anti-Comey?

They kind of describe him a little bit

as not a type of person who likes

to get into the limelight.

He is more of an introvert, likes to get things done,

likes to be able to move forward on items,

but not likes to get the recognition for it.

And that's something that we need in the agency right now.

Maybe give the recognition to the agency

rather than to himself.

The men and women who are below him.

And that is important.

What else do we know about him, Erik?

What's his background?


DOJ Assistant Attorney General in the Criminal Division

under George W. Bush during 2003 to 2005.

We also know that he focused on crime fraud issues.

Now what about the former Attorney

General, Loretta Lynch?

Boy, that's a big issue.

How do they feel about her--

the people-- the rank and file in the FBI?

The rank and file of the FBI did--

those that I spoke with did not like her.

They did not like her, because they

felt that they were at times even backstabbed by her

and had to be able to get more information on cases

that they thought were cut and dry,

and that they would be able to get convictions on,

but yet they did not receive that

from the US Attorney General.

Well, we know that she did meet with former President Bill

Clinton just within days of Hillary Clinton--

That is correct.

--being questioned--

That is correct.

--by the FBI.


Yes, she did.

And in addition to that, there's some information coming out

that she may have been involved in bringing in this lawyer.

Yeah, the Russian attorney that--


That was--

And I'm glad you said her name, because that

is a very tough name to say.



She was with Donald Jr.


Did Lynch bring her in?

Well, I actually personally contacted the US Attorney's

office in New York.

And they have a very different scenario

than what Loretta Lynch's people are telling us.

Loretta Lynch's staff is telling us

that she had no idea that she was here in the country.

But yet the New York office is actually saying that no,

that she was specifically brought

in on a very special visa after she was denied her first visa.

So it's interesting to see that in order

to be able to receive that visa, you

had to get the signoff from the head honcho.

And that was Loretta Lynch.

Well, that'll be interesting to see where that goes.

Now what do you think?

Is Wray going to be-- if he gets confirmed, will he

be investigating some of these things?

I believe that he will be investigating

some of these things.

And could we actually even see possible charges

against Loretta Lynch?

We don't know.

But we do know that she could actually

be giving some testimony before the Senate Intel Committee.

I'm hearing that as well, that she may be subpoenaed

to give some testimony there.

So it sounds to me, Erik, like's it's

going to be a long time before we get all

this Russian stuff behind us.

Before we get all the facts with us.

As we know, we're hearing also next week that

possibly within the very near future that Donald Trump

Jr., along with Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort

will be testifying before the Senate Intel Committee as well.

That will be the big ticket in Washington.

That's gonna be the big ticket in Washington.

Besides the Comey hearings and the Session hearings,

that's going to be the third in line.



Thanks for being with us, Erik.

And I know you'll keep us on top of that.


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