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President Trump: Military 'Bigger, Better, Stronger' with USS Gerald Ford

President Trump: Military 'Bigger, Better, Stronger' with USS Gerald Ford Read Transcript

The US Navy commissioned its fleet--

its most advanced and most expensive carrier,

the USS Gerald R Ford.

CBN's National Security correspondent Eric Gonzales

was there when President Trump thanked those who built it

and the sailors who will eventually call it home.

I hereby place United States Ship Gerald R Ford

in commission.

ERIK ROSALES: With that, the US Navy

got its first new class of carriers

in more than 40 years, the Ford, whose motto

reads Integrity at the Helm.

America might is second to none,

and we're getting bigger and better and stronger

every day of my Administration.

ERIK ROSALES: Standing on the deck, President Donald

Trump assured top Navy brass and sailors

it's only the beginning.

That is why we reached a deal to secure an additional $20

billion for Defense this year--

and it's going up--

and why I asked Congress for another $54 billion

for next year.

ERIK ROSALES: That is, according to the President,

if Congress does its job and pass the budget.

The USS Ford is designed with significant quality

of life improvements and reduced maintenance.

At a cost of $12.9 billion, it's the most advanced ever built.

Today a magnificent warship joins the best navy

in the world.

And it's named after a tried-and-true member

of the Greatest Generation, and that spirit

will permeate this ship.

You don't get an idea of how large this ship is until you

stand on its flight deck.

It's 1,092 feet long.

To put that into perspective, that's more than 3

and 1/2 football fields.

It's driven by two nuclear reactors,

which can each produce up to 300 megawatts of electricity.

Along with that power comes great firepower--

four CIWS anti-missile guns surround

the ship, which can pump out more than 1,000 rounds

a minute.

Although it weighs 90,000 tons, thanks to its newly designed

hull, it's also the most efficient and fastest carrier


Top speed?

30 plus knots, which is around 35 miles an hour.

Counting the ship's crew and its air wing support,

some 4,500 sailors will call her home.

Officers and crew of the United States Gerald

R Ford, man our ship and bring her to life.


ERIK ROSALES: For the ship's sponsor, Susan Ford Bales,

the daughter of the 38th president,

it was a day filled with excitement.

One thing's for sure-- with this ship

and, as you heard President Trump, with many more to come,

they should provide the United States

with the upper hand in 21st century Naval warfare.

Eric Rosales, CBN News, Norfolk, Virginia.


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