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Trump Asserts Pardon Authority as Russia Investigation Picks Up

Trump Asserts Pardon Authority as Russia Investigation Picks Up Read Transcript

The Russia investigation is kicking

into high gear with three members of President Trump's

inner circle facing questions on Capitol Hill.

The Senate Intelligence Committee

will see Jared Kushner, Donald Trump Jr.,

and Paul Manafort this week.

Ahead of these meetings, there are new questions, though,

about whether the President is looking into his ability

to pardon anyone, even himself.

CBN's Jenna Browder reports now from Washington.

JENNA BROWDER: As the Russia investigation picks up steam,

there are new questions about President Trump's authority

to pardon, something he tweeted about over the weekend.

All agree the US president has the complete power to pardon.

There is some debate about this, but regardless, the president's

legal team says, it's not something they're looking into

or need to look into.

We're not researching the issue,

because the issue of pardons is not on the table.

There's nothing to pardon from.

JENNA BROWDER: In that same tweet,

Trump asked why anyone should think

of pardoning when the only crime so far is

leaks against us, fake news.

And the president's new communications director

says he's going to crack down on those leaks.

It's a new start for everybody in that team,

and everybody in that team can stay

as long as they follow the protocol of not leaking.

Because at the end of the day, the president's

super upset about the leaks.

It's unprofessional.

And so you're asking me what the first steps are,

that's going to be one of my first steps.

JENNA BROWDER: This was Anthony Scaramucci's first go

around on the Sunday political shows.

His hiring comes as Press Secretary Sean Spicer--

whose last interview was with CBN Zone online political show,

Faith Nation-- steps down.

They're missing a lot of things, Jenna,

when you talk about health care and education, tax reform,

as you just mentioned.

JENNA BROWDER: The White House says

there's a major contrast between what

the media is concentrating on and what

the public is interested in.

The top three issues that Americans care about

are immigration, health care, and jobs.

The top three issues that the media cares about

are Russia, Russia, and Russia.

JENNA BROWDER: Tweets and staff shakeups

aside, the White House says it's not focused on Russia.

It's hoping to deliver on key issues,

like health care and tax reform, things it says Americans really

care about.

In Washington, Jenna Browder, CBN News.

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