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Sex Change Surgeries Could Cost Military Billion$, as Much as a New Navy Destroyer

Sex Change Surgeries Could Cost Military Billion$, as Much as a New Navy Destroyer Read Transcript

PAUL STRAND (VOICEOVER): The Family Research Council

estimates those surgeries and hormones could cost up to $3.7

billion, in the next 10 years.

Some lawmakers tried this month to get

that money tossed out of the defense spending measure.

But 23 Republicans joined House Democrats to defeat the move.

Former Army Special Forces Commander, Jerry Boykin,

has some words for those GOP lawmakers.

If we're going to take money in this year's defense budget

that will be set aside to perform surgery for transgender

people that we recruited into the military,

you got your priorities wrong.

So I'd say to these--

to these Republicans, find some courage.


for sex reassignment surgery and hormones

could pay for 22 F-35 jets, or 116 combat helicopters,

or 3,700 Tomahawk missiles.

America's military has been at war for 16 years.

Now, the military is broken.

We've left equipment behind, because it's

been worn out after 16 years.

We have a lot of needs.

We've suffered through sequestration.

We've suffered through program budget cuts.

Now you're telling me that we are

going to squander more money?

PAUL STRAND (VOICEOVER): Because of these tax dollars

going for sex change surgeries in the military,

FRC is asking lawmakers to oppose the Make America Secure

Appropriations Act.

Paul Strand, CBN News, Washington.


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