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Bring It On-Line: - July 24, 2017


It is time to bring get on.

And Pat is in the hot seat.

All right, this question is really interesting, OK.

Mar-- Margeaux maybe.

She says, "I have a close friend who escaped from a satanic cult

and ritual abuse.

As a Christian, I'm bewildered as

to why anyone would choose to worship Satan

and would like to do some research into the subject

but part of me fears doing this.

Would God not want me to learn more about this?

On the other hand, how can we defeat an enemy

if we turn a blind eye and don't learn more

about them and their ways?"

Well, Paul says that we're not ignorant of his devices.

We know Satan, we know what he does.

The Bible also says that he who pursues evil, evil

will come to them.

So if you get too involved, the next thing you know,

some of this stuff can take you.

But knowing about the fact we have

an enemy, understanding the way he works,

is not necessarily bad.

But you have to be careful that this stuff will begin

to obsess you and of the next thing you know,

it will actually--

you will invite the thing that you are afraid of.

So just be very, very careful.

All I can say is that knowing about the devil,

apostle Paul says, we're not unmindful of his devices.

You're understanding what he's trying to do.

All right?


All right, Samuel writes in, "Adam and Eve

chose to eat the bad fruit from the tree

that God told them not to eat.

Would sin not exist if they had obeyed?"

The idea of that whole fruit was

God says, don't eat the fruit.

And if you eat it, you're going to die.

So every time, they saw the tree of good and evil,

they said to themselves, eating that fruit is bad,

not eating it is good.

So they learned good and evil by resisting

that particular temptation.

But when they finally succumbed because Satan put in their mind

that God was withholding something good from them.

The devil is a liar.

And, you know, he wants you to have a party

and he wants to keep you from the party.

And you'd be having a lot of fun if you just

let go and, you know, let it all hang out.

I mean, why should you be restrained

from all these pleasures?

That's the lie of the devil.

So he was lying and human beings accepted it.

Now, would sin have been there?

What was sin?

Well, sin was going against what God said was good

and doing what he said was bad.

That's sin.

So there will always have been sin.

Except here's the deal, you know,

the old theologian that used to call about [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH]

and then they said [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH]..

The idea is you are not able to sin and able not to sin.

So after a while, they would have been so established

in righteousness that they would have been unable to sin.

And if they just resisted long enough-- so the question is

would sin have been in the world.

Sin's always there.

People always on to rebel against God,

but you would have been established--

Adam and Eve-- and then humanity would

have been established in that course of conduct.

All right.


Good truth there.

All right, Ruth says, "I have been a born again

Christian now for six years.

I know that when we die, as Christians,

we're supposed to go to heaven.

But I'm so afraid that when I stand

before the Lord to be judged he might still

decide to send me to hell.

How can we be confident of where we're going?"

You've got to believe the Bible.

And read John, I think it's 5:24.

He says, he that hears my word and believes

on him who sent me has everlasting life

and shall not come into the judgment

but is passed from death into life.

Got that?

That's what it says.

So you believe that God is real, you

believe that Jesus is who he says

he is, you believe that God sent him,

and you trust the salvation laid out in the Bible.

Now, the Bible also says there is the Bema, the judgment

seat of Christ, that we will account for the things done

in the body.

And so there will be rewards and there will be some punishment.

But not eternal hell.

Eternal hell is settled when you come to the Lord.

The rest of it is we will live rewards

for the Bema, the judgment seat of Christ.

That's not too confusing.

So that's the thing.

I didn't make the rules, that's the way they are.

All right.

All right, Garridy says, "I know the Bible says that we are

to live as slaves of Christ and we are not to use our freedom

as a cover-up for sin.

However, it also says we can't earn our salvation by works.

It's a gift from God.

So I'm just wondering how to reconcile both truths.

If we're to live as slaves to Christ,

doesn't that mean doing works?

I'm confused."

Well, I'm a slave to the Lord.

I belong to him.

But I want to please him because I love him.

And so he gives me something to do.

I want something to do.

Well, what would you like me to do, Lord, to please you?

Well, I want you to go and win people to Jesus.

OK, yes sir.

And that's what we do.

We do these not to get to heaven,

we don't earn our salvation by works of righteousness,

nobody is going to get saved.

It's by faith you are saved and that is the gift of God.

And he's given us a gift.

So I'm thankful for the gift and I

want to live my life to show him that I'm

grateful for what he's done.

And we're not going to earn heaven,

there's no way you're going to earn heaven with anything.


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