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Charlie Gard's Parents End Their Fight After Legal Delays Destroyed His Chances

Charlie Gard's Parents End Their Fight After Legal Delays Destroyed His Chances Read Transcript

Have you had a chance yet to speak with Chris Gard or Connie

Yates after they've made this heart-wrenching decision?

Dr. Hirano and I spoke this morning,

and then Connie and I have been in touch.

And I told her that, you know, they were great parents,

and that Charlie would be proud of them.

It is regrettable that the administrators at Great Ormond

Street Hospital decided to fight for Charlie

to die with dignity in the UK courts

rather than in the hospital.

You figure that doctors will try to save someone's life.

But in this sad case, that was not a reality.

And it's very sad, because Charlie, like Chris Gard said,

he's a warrior.

He's a fighter, like my son.

And it's very regrettable.

I see Charlie Gard in my son.

My son was very weak.

He wouldn't open his eyes.

But it's not because he didn't want to,

it's because he was very weak.

And the medication helped my son.

And as a father, I'm convinced if the doctors here

in the United States and the other international doctors

believed that they could have helped Charlie,

you know, they're the doctors, they're the experts.

I believe that it would have helped him, as well.

So that's why I've taken it so personal.

I've been there with Connie and Chris all along.

And you know, everyone fought a good battle.

And hopefully, there will be some changes

so that these experiments in these ultra rare diseases,

that other children won't have to die

because these doctors at UK will allow them to try

the experimental medications.

It is new.

It is-- I understand.

It's ultra rare.

But when you have the premier specialist

on this disease saying let's give him a chance--

three months is all that they wanted.

So it's a sad time.

But he's an angel, and I know that God has him in heaven.

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