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Bring It On-Line: - July 25, 2017


We're going to do email now.

Let's do some email.

All right.

This is what you've been waiting for, everybody.

All right, Lori writes in, "How can you get God to talk to you?

People say He speaks to your heart,

but we humans like to think He is speaking when He may not

be saying anything."

There was his song a little while ago,

"Turn Your Radio On"-- you remember that one?

But God is-- in the airwaves right now,

there are all kinds of messages.

You just need a receiver.

And God is speaking all the time.

He's everywhere.

And all you have to do is get your own receiver.

You say, how do you you get God to speak to you?

He's speaking constantly.

But he'll speak to the inner man.

He'll speak to your inner conscience.

And the Bible says let the peace of God

be an umpire in your heart.

But God will speak.

How do you get Him-- where's the first thing He speaks?

He speaks out of the written word.

The Bible is the word of God.

And so you begin to get into the Bible,

and that's where you hear the voice of God.

And He will not say anything that's

contrary to what's in the word.

All right?

It's that still, small voice, right?

It's not usually in the storm.

It's the still--

Well, that's the way He spoke to Elijah.

There was a storm and He just said everything--

and He wasn't in any of that.

But the still, small voice.

You're exactly right, Wendy.



What else?

All right.

This viewer says, "Where does the Bible say anything

for the single non-married person and what does it say?

It seems everything pertains to married relationships.

What about the single people who desperately

want the 'normal' married life?

Job's wife was and still is a good example of that.

King Solomon and his 1,000 wives and his father, David,

lived fantasies and wickedness, yet they were favored by God.

Who can be judged for adultery more than the two of them?

Should not all people who ignore the word of God

suffer worse than Job ever did?

Yet most single people do suffer worse than Job.

I need some direction."

Did you write that?

You know, I did not.

And I was just going to say I don't think most people--

most single people are suffering worse than Job.


I certainly don't feel I am.

I don't think so but anyhow--

But I know what he's saying, yeah.

There are days where you're feeling--

The Bible's been very clear about what to do.

I mean, the apostle Paul was single

and he wrote to married people, as a matter of fact,

telling about marital relationship

but he had a gift from God.

And he said-- the Bible says some people have this gift

and some don't.

And some are operated on by people

and they are therefore nonsexual.

And others have a gift that they can

abstain from a sexual relationship

and live a single life unto the Lord.

We've got nuns and the religious orders who

are living single for the Lord.

So I don't know what it is direction you need,

but I'll give you this-- the Bible says

it's better to marry than to burn with desire.

So if you've got this thing burning in you

and you've got all kinds of hormones running in your body

and you just feel compelled to do something,

well, the Bible says it's better to marry

than to burn with desire.

So I'm quoting from the scripture.

All right.

What's next?

All right.

Bev says, I have a question regarding the Sabbath.

God rested on the seventh day.

I've seen no evidence in the Bible

that it was changed to Sunday.

I've heard that since Jesus was raised on Sunday,

that's why the Sabbath was changed to Sunday.

I also heard that it was Constantine's rule

to change from Saturday.

What's the real reason?

Well, I think that the early Christians began

to meet together to celebrate the Resurrection, which

took place apparently on the day after the Sabbath.

And you know it was--

and the Sabbath was the seventh day.

But I don't think that we need to get all hung up on days,

you know.

There are three different days.

You know, the Muslims have got one day,

the Jews have got one day, the Christians have got one day.

You've got Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

I mean, you know, three days.

But the biggest thing is there is a day of rest.

And what the important thing is that you and I need

a day of rest.

And the Sabbath, Jesus said, was made for man,

not man for the Sabbath.

So we must-- if we don't take a day of rest

before long, we get torn all to pieces.

And you've got a society right now that's

running 24/7 and no day off.

The department stores are operating on Sunday.

People are frantically seeking pleasure on Sunday.

And even when they go to church, they're

working their heads off.

So the big thing about Sunday and Sabbath is a rest.

A day of rest.

And he said, you know, God--

I don't think God himself ever rests

because he's eternal spirit but he stopped creating.

The creation was over and on the seventh day,

he didn't create anymore.

He'd done six.

He created this wonderful universe.

So I think, you know, the fact that it's

Saturday, the fact that it's Sunday,

the fact that it's Friday, I don't

think it makes any difference.

The question is, can we have one day and that's--


Right now it's Sunday.

You're exactly right.

I saw this huge debate on social media recently

and people were arguing about it should

be Saturday because of this and that

and that's so-- that's just legalism.

It is.

You're right.

God just wants us to-- just whatever day, pick it.

Taking a day is important.

Do you do it?


Oh, yeah.

Sunday is my day.


Sunday is my day.

Well, I see.

All right.

And everything goes better when I do it,

so I'm going to stick to Sundays.

All right.


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