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Pro-Lifers Rally Outside Kentucky's Last Abortion Clinic: 'We Have Church Service Right at the Gates of Hell'

Pro-Lifers Rally Outside Kentucky's Last Abortion Clinic: 'We Have Church Service Right at the Gates of Hell' Read Transcript

Kentucky has become ground zero in the abortion battle.

Pro-lifers have been focusing their efforts

on shutting down the state's sole remaining abortion clinic.

Last week, a federal judge ordered a buffer zone

outside the clinic, to keep pro-lifers away.

Rusty Thomas is National Director

of Operation Save America.

And he joins us now, via Skype, from outside the EMW Women's

Surgical Center in Louisville.

Rusty, you so much for joining us today.

God bless you, Charlene.

I just-- one correction, I'm not actually at the death camp

right now.

I'm under the safety and covering of a church.

We got a beautiful scenery in the background.


OK, well what's the latest news about the buffer

zone, that the jur--

the judge ordered last week?

Well you know the old hymn, "There's Victory In Jesus."

And there's been two attempts.

One by the local government, to establish

what they call a safety zone.

Of course the only thing they're concerned about

is the safety of the abortionists,

to apply their grisly trade.

And they want to create a safety zone to keep Christians away,

from trying to save their lives through the ministry

of the gospel.

And I'm here to tell you, God has gone before us.

He has crushed that efter--


And now the feds have stepped in.

And they have attempted to do the very same thing.

And your folks need to know this, Charlene.

Something-- I have been in this battle for over 30 years.

And I know one thing.

When the feds step in, they typically

come with a heavy hand.

And they have their way.

And this is the first time to my knowledge, where

they have stepped into the abortion battle,

and they have stood down.

They are no longer trying to put in a permanent bubble

zone in Louisville, Kentucky.

And so freedom has returned to the streets of Louisville.

But we're using that opportunity to call

upon the federal government, to do their duty before God.

And it's certainly not to protect

those who would harm children.

But to protect the victim, who's being

harmed by a lawless decree called Roe vs. Wade.

But Rusty, tell me what is the atmosphere like outside

of that clinic right now?

All I can tell you Charlene, all heaven's coming down

and all heck is breaking loose.

I mean seriously, the Holy Spirit of God

is amongst his people.

And this is what your viewers and your listeners

need to know, Charlene.

Any time the Church of Jesus Christ comes out--

you know, the salt comes out of the shaker,

the light from under the bushel--

we cross that line of obedience.

We show up at the gates of hell.

And God shows off.

And since we have been in Louisville, Kentucky,

literally, the eyes of the world--

I'm saying literally, the eyes of the world--

have been here in Louisville.

And God has given us this incredible platform,

to speak to the nations of the earth.

To speak into this culture of death, "thus saith the Lord."

And the amazing thing, people are starting to listen.

And things are starting to change.

And we give God all the glory.

Is there a police presence outside of the clinic, Rusty?

There are.

We have both the local police and the federal marshals.

And I--I-- I do have to give a shout out to the Police

Department in Louisville, Kentucky.

I've dealt with police for 30 years in this battle.

These guys are top shelf.

They have acted with incredible integrity.

In fact, they stood ready to come to our aid and defense

at the federal hearing.

They know the integrity of our ministry.

We told them right from the very beginning, when

we met with them.

If we tell you we're going to do something,

we're going to do it.

And if we tell you we're not going to do something,

we're not going to do it.

And five times they have testified before their own city


We have met with these folks.

They have told us what they're going to do, and not do.

And we believe them.

So all that you're planning, it is not necessary.

These people are peaceful.

And they keep their word.

And so we are so grateful for the favor

that we have found, with the Louisville, Kentucky Police



Well Rusty, talk about the ministry

that your group does outside of this abortion clinic.

What type of ministry is happening?

Charlene, we're-- we're--

listen, we're-- we're not pro-life activists.

We don't have a special calling.

We are we're just Christians who attempt

to obey the two great commandments

that God has given to us, which is

to love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength.

And to love our neighbor as ourselves.

And so what we're dealing with in our nation, Charlene,

we got neighbors that we're supposed

to love that are being led to slaughter, for blood money.

We have other neighbors who are defending this evil act.

And then we got neighbors that are actually putting

their hand to this evil act.

So basically what we do, Charlene, we

have a church service right at the gates of hell.

We don't do anything differently than what we do in church.

The only difference is we're coming out of the building.

We're attempting to be the salt of the earth,

and the light of the world.

And we show up.

And we are God's--

praying, praising, and proclaiming

people of God the good news, that Jesus Christ has died

to save sinners like you and I.

So when we're at the death camp, we're

a administering the gospel.

The wages of sin is death.

But the good news is that the gift of God

is eternal life, through Jesus Christ our Lord.


So what we do Charlene, we take

the national sin of child sacrifice

and the shedding of innocent blood,

and we use that as a platform to minister

the gospel of the kingdom.

CHARLENE: I mean--

And we have been doing this for 30 year-- years.

And I'm here to give God glory and a praise report.

Literally, thousands of lives have been spared.

Hundreds of death--

CHARLENE: Praise God.

--camps have been shut down.

And many people that were once involved in the death industry

have come to the saving grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ--


--simply because Christians obeyed the Good Samaritan



We got people in our nation that

are on the side of the road--


--that have been abandoned by our government

and our citizens--

CHARLENE: Well, let me--

--and all-- excuse me?

So just let me ask you this-- this question here, Rusty,

because we-- we're almost out of time.

But I want to get to this question here.

You know, I understand that there's something specific

that you guys have planned for Kentucky tomorrow,

involving a Jumbotron.

Can you tell us a little bit about what you're planning

to do, with that Jumbotron?

Yes well there's all kinds of different ministry

opportunities Char--


Charlotte or Charlene?

CHARLENE: Charlene.

Charlene, I'm sorry.

But we have-- we got trucks moving in.

We got buses moving in.

We got a Jumbotron.

I don't know if our folks know what that might mean.

But it's like a portable movie theater.

And we're going to set it up right

in the middle of downtown, so that people understand

the true nature of abortion.

You know for most people, Charlene,

abortion is a word that we debate, and we argue about.

And even as a pastor myself, you know, abortion was an issue.

And I knew it was sin.

And I knew it was wrong.

And I even preached against it from the pulpit.

But it wasn't until I saw the victim, it wasn't until I

saw the mutilated body of the victim,

that somehow it struck the moral chord on--

inside of me, that I got to do more than say that it is wrong.



--will you be showing that on the Jumbotron, Randy?

Is that what's going to happen?

You're going to be showing--

It will be-- yeah, it will be on the-- on the Jumbotron.


Rusty, OK.

Well Rusty, we're out of time.

But thank you so much for joining us.

And for updating us on what's happening there in Louisville.

Thank you so much for what you're doing.

God bless you.

Thank you, Charlene.

God bless you too, sister.


Bye bye.

Bye bye.


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